Monday, December 30, 2013


sorry i don't have any time because i had so much to read because i didn't get to get on my email last week, umm also sounds like yall had a good week, have fun with the new year.  and k cool tahts all i have to say haha my week was good but i have to go. and yeah umm yeah nothing really that great happened this week. so yeah. happy new year and happy birthday dad.

Monday, December 16, 2013

probably another short stack

so this is the first like, normal week with my companion from texas, he's pretty cool haha yeah at least he can understand me when i speak to him and i don't have to simplify my english haha but yeah  umm we did a lot of tracting and also we stood outside and contacted for english classes with this big poster board, and i contacted in english the whole 2 hours yeah, it was way fun because i had this perfect system, i would wait until the person was a little in front of me and then say, "excuse me" as i hold out my hand "do you speak english?" and then like ever college kid,  "yes, little" and then i'd be like yeah, well we got english classes for people like you or something along those lines, and then they'd be like oh, ok, haha the college girls are so funny to talk to in english, it's hard to explain. and then so we got 29 numbers in 2 hours so that was pretty good.  we'll see how that goes tomorrow.
then we had lessons as per ushe and that's about it, umm nothing crazy or funny, oh nope i thought i thought of something.  but i didn't. umm yeah well i'm going to be done i guess.  yeah i really have nothing to talk about...

actually, you know what i was thinking about it, .....(personal).....this IS the true church and if not, then there is no God.  yup i'm willing to say that.  but there is a God and this is His church and I know it, if you want to know it, then read the Book of Mormon. and the Bible. and pray about it. and you can too! and i got to go, see yall, love yall. peace off!


Monday, December 9, 2013


well nothing to say this week it's unusually warm, it rained today

umm on Christmas, i will use face time from the senior couple's ipad/macbook but i will at 7 in the evening here, and it will be 11 in the morning there, umm since face time can be a conference call for free, if you would like to at 10, if you could jaynanne, then we could all talk at once but i don't know how your doing Christmas in your mission. so if that'd work cool if not, oh well.

well that's it. have fun for the rest of your week umm get back to me on the face time thing, just practice it between phones and the computer so that you know how it works.

peace off, hope you have a good day.


Monday, December 2, 2013

It Is Thanksgiving

Hola so sounds like everyone had a great thanksgiving! so did I, we went to the senior couple's house, Elder and Sister Lyon's, and had a big meal, it was really good,
i made rolls... so yeah we got 2 hours for that.
    then since last week was the last week of the transfer and the last week of my companion's mission we got to teach a ton because we were like " hey this is the last time you can see Elder De Angelis before he goes to Italy so yeah we got a ton of lessons and then, the rest of the week was just basically teaching and then me telling Elder De Angelis that this was the last time he was doing stuff and him getting mad at me, haha, just now i said " this is the LAST time you get to email on your mission" haahaha yeah so funny

did anyone do black friday? i decided that's my favorite holiday.

umm humm well that's it i'm done. actually jaynanne and trevor, you're new areas sound cool! also oskar, don't play cod it sucks also windows 8 is what you need to get the computer working. also mom don't let him buy xbox live, correct decision, xbox games are incredibly violent and they have nice graphics (which better convey the violence and it feels truly real(except halo)), oskar you shouldn't play them (except halo(especially not battlefield)) until you are old enough to buy them, at stores you have to show your license to prove you're 18 to buy games, just like you have to show your ID when you go into an R rated movie for the same reason.  dad, you're not that kind of doctor. bryce, how's russian coming? also bryce, andrew and sarah, and trevor and tiffany and jeremy (is that everyone?) how were finals? or are finals? well God speed if you haven't had them.

well now i'm done, oh wait, so i got a new companion today, his name is Elder Hansen, he's from Texas, he's cool, he used to be my zone leader, and he was a branch president for a while in Česko Budějovice (yeah that happens here) anyway he's pretty cool, but his last transfer is this one so that means i will probably stay in this area until may, so that's awesome.  and actually i was thinking if i got to stay here my whole mission, i'd be ok with that.

so yeah, also, fasting works, ask me about this when i get home. also are you guys all reading and praying everyday? that's a commandment you know so if you don't do it it's like you're killing someone...ok not that bad, it's like lying...or stealing.  Anyway, I know if you do read and pray, it will strengthen your testimony and influence you to choose the right.

now, i'm done. so glhf for the rest of the week, also oskar, what time is it could you check IT'S NILLA WAFER TOP HAT TIME!!!