Monday, March 30, 2015

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow

yeah, so the snow storm just took out the power in the library for a second, people se zlobited.

but other than that everything's going great, oh and last week, actually i fractured my finger a bit, not just jammed it, still hurts but its almost better so thisll be short. sorry for the lack of apostrophes cant figure out how to put them in.

yeah konference doesnt come for two weeks for me but i hope yall have fun this weekend getin spirituály fed.

jup i got nothing, sorry, i also keep fat fingering the keys with my fat finger hahaha ha ha

umm so yeah this week was pretty good, i was taught how to play soccer by and african kid who we teach. hes so good, we also went to Brno.  and yeah i also had a way dope spiritual experience yesterday with traveling, so yeah you can ask me about that another time when i can type more or speak in person.

have a good one.  gl hf gg


Monday, March 23, 2015

Rough week

so i'll just give you a little highlights summary of the week this time

monday: stayed inside, was sick.

tuesday: stayed inside, was sick.

Wednesday: My branch president took us out to a restaurant, it was great, had svíčková so that was awesome.

thursday: FHE it was supper fun we played aktivity.

Friday: went to Trebic

saturday: went to žirovnice, did some service walked around in the forest had some great czech food, it was was awesome.

sunday: Got fed by our recent convert's parents, had svíčková it was so good (better than the restaurant, you just can't beat homemade)

and today: went to Trebic again played basketball with the other elders in our district, jammed my finger pretty good, so it's not the most pleasant thing writing this that's why it's so short. so see ya'll next week.

-Spencer "Staršíčku" Petersen

Monday, March 16, 2015

"I used to be bulimic..."


Yeah so why this quote you're probably wondering, well, this whole week I had strep throat and then this morning i threw up a bunch, and then nothing really came out so I went and ate some food and then kinda forced myself to throw up again to get everything out and it reminded me of this quote. 

but because of my sickness I don't remember the week and we also didn't do anything.

but as for the story that I was telling last week, umm yeah so they said she died, and we said, "well... humm" and then the woman who was talking to us said I'll go and get my husband he was related to her, so he comes out and invites us in so we walk in the gate and through the door and this old lady sees us and is just ecstatic that we are there, "oh come in come in come in!!"  So we go in, she feeds us and we are asking about the member.  Then this woman just told us all about how she knows all about the church and she has the book of mormon and how she wanted to learn more because of her cousin that was a member (the dead woman).

That was awesome!! and it just goes to show the importance of sharing the gospel to those who you care about, this woman was able to help us as missionaries from beyond the grave because of the incredible example that she put forth in the life that she lived.  Share the gospel with those around you! It is your duty as a child of God to help everyone get closer to him!

thanks for all the emails they were great this week!


Monday, March 9, 2015


so this week went went well, nothing huge happened.

we played basket ball against some kids in the park and destroyed them,(Europeans don't know how to play basket) and then we played soccer against them and beat them in that as well. so this leads me to the conclusion that Europeans just can't play sports hahah but it was fun!

but yesterday something actually kinda cool happened we went to a tiny, tiny little village which was a 2.5 hour train ride out from our city (still well within our area) and we get there, walk two kliks to the village, and then we start looking for the street.  we ask a guy, do you know where jivovi street is? and he looked at us and said did you come by train?... yeah. You guys are idiots jivovi isn't a street its a village and its 6 kliks that way... so then we walked there. then when we got there we found the house and low and behold, the member we were looking for Died 2 years ago...

To be continued....


Monday, March 2, 2015

Competition is the worst.

We just played monopoly. I hate that game. I don't like the word hate; but i hate monopoly. I lost, which i was fine with, but the annoying part is the trash talk of those who are sore winners especially when they themselves didn't even win, but just did better than you. And that's how i used to be, so i'm sorry if anyone has ever been annoyed with me, at all, in any competition, because i'm done being competitive.

any way this week was good, we had a good training in Brno we got to watch "Meet the Mormons"     

It was way good. 

Then we had a baptism on Saturday, it was great! 

also this week, i'v been reading the bible,  i finished john and almost done with acts, it's super good. 

I hope you are all having a good week!  sorry for the short email, i hope you are all doing well.  I'm doing fine.  which in czech means good.

but yeah see you all next week.



i was in a village yesterday and here's the baptismal candidate and his family