Monday, October 27, 2014

Week 66

This week was so fun! so first off, sorrz for all of the spelling errors because their is no way to change between an american and czech kez board on thïs computer and i just im not in the most time todaz so sorrz for the z and y thing.

This week though, it was reallz good, reallz fast as well, the time i realliyed todaz that i onlz have 10 months left! that¨s prettz cool!! haha

so i guess if all the weeks go bz this fast i§ll be home lickitz split!! but it was a reallz good week, we taught so manz people, we also went to this sick 7th daz adventist bible studz! it was so cool! the people there were way nice to us, at first they§re all like what are you doing here and we§re all like we§re here to learn about the  bible haha it was fun we got into this discussion of what people consider a cult and we all decided that both of us are cults hahah which isn§t true but whatever it was reallz fun.

then this week, we also got invited to this canadian worship night bz someone, just these canadians who we met on the street who were missionaries were putting it on at this other church, so we went there, on the night of, and the pastor guz of the church was like standing there with his two buddies and thez deniëd us entrz into the thing! and they were like 'no one from other faith can come!' and we're like but we were invited? and then we asked if they are not letting in people from other religions, and thez§re like, no just zou.  so we just left, i was prettz mad. but now i can saz i§ve been cast out of the synagogues hahahah, whatever, zou know i§ve noticed something, everz other church except 7DA and JW just hate on us missionaries, like thez§re just so impolite to us all the time... it makes me frustrated, like seriouslz... just whz?   Probably cuz they be scared.

then on saturdaz we went to this sick village, i§ll send zou a pick, it was awesome, the people there, were these members from Brno and  thez asked us to help them move and then thez took us around the place and showed us everzthing it was so awesome then thez also made us dinner and it was amaying¨!!!  so that was prettz awesome!!!

then at church nothing super exciting happened, hmmm we had 3 Non-members come, so cool!!!

oh also we taught these cambodian and zambian guzs it was so cool thez are both studzing here.  thez are just awesome,  and thez just added on to mz list of countries that i§ve met people from!!

well have a good week, get well soon Jaynanne, i was going to make some jokes about zou being sick but i was afraid zou§d get hurt... hahaha anzwaz for realz though, get better.

well, peace off!!


p.s. here§s a pic of the villiage žirovnice where the service was

Monday, October 20, 2014

First Week Of Jihlava

If you recollect from me telling you before, in czech J is a Y noise so Jihlava is pronounced Yeehlava the lava part being said like lava (the hot volcano juice)

Anyway, so this week was super awesome!! we had a ton of cool experiences! and just barely i realized there is no spelling/grammar check on this computer haha! so have fun reading this hahah.  so lets see what we got, we had some awesome lessons this week, one of the people we met has played pro hockey on a Canadian team in the NHL and he's on NHL 2004 hahah so that's pretty awesome! he's like the coolest guy ever, also, now he trades gold and like owns a little firm that helps people who want to invest. it's so cool!

then also this week, we went to a thing about Florida! hahaha it was a bit boring but i learned about Florida... yeah it took me to come to the heart of Europe to figure out exactly what the Florida keys are. it was kinda funny though, the people presenting the thing about Florida kinda made fun of USA a little, just saying stuff like "you can buy a whole gallon of milk AHAHAH" then everyone laughs and i'm sitting there like, thinking "yeah it's awesome! I can buy more then a tiny little litter of milk? what so funny about that?" and now, after watching the presentation, i understand why Europeans think that we are all super fat and just eat McDonalds and KFC for every meal and other ridiculousness haha but whatevs Americans think that Europeans don't even have electricity haha! so i guess it goes both ways.

we were also teaching this way cool girl this week who was like, "yeah i'll get baptized on the 22nd of November" and i was just like "why that day?" and she's like "because I was praying about it a few nights ago and then in the morning it just hit me like a bolt of lightning that that will be the day i'll get baptized." so we're like "well cool, 22nd it is!"  hahah she's awesome! Prayer works. ask and it shall be given unto you.

well, that's all i have today. oh 'nother story real quick, so we're like pretty much broke haha but we still have money so don't worry at all but we make jokes like we're super poor... haha anyway... so i found this coin in my pocket... which i don't know how it got there because i keep very good watch of my money and my wallet is a European wallet with a coin pouch connected, anyway it was 2 Kč and i was like we could survive for another day off of this!! it's like 10 cents in America haha so we made some jokes about how it was a gift from heaven and it was going to let us live for a few days. then later, this was yesterday, we had to go and give the sacrament to a member in the hospital.  so we go to the store, and in this country they have these things called Rohliks which are like super basic bread sticks that are like used for a lot of different stuff here, any way, so were like well let's just get one and were like, oh wait neither of us have any money on our person, then i was like i have 2 Crowns! it was awesome, that was the price of the Rohlik!  anyway so that's my story i think that the money really did come from God it was awesome!

have a great week everyone!


ps i'm 6'4"

Monday, October 13, 2014

WoW...What a Week

So on Monday the week started out normal, nothing much we got up, uh and took a bike ride, i already sent you a pic of that, also speaking of pictures, like my email said, that was the president of the Czech Republic, not Zlin haha. then after Monday, Tuesday happened.

it went well we had like 7 lessons, which is one of the better days on my missions so far, also we did an hour of service teachin autistic kids english. any way that night My companion gets a call from prez McConkie, telling him that he has been moved to the office and he's expected there on Thursday morning. so I'm all like cool, 2 more months in Zlin.

Wednesday, we had an amazing district meeting, i taught using this story that Coach Mac always showed us about a man learning how to be a business man. and then at the end, an amazing sister missionary, sister Roubíčková, who is leaving in a few days gave us words of advice on how to complete the things we're expected to do, it was so awesome.  then Wednesday night, Prez McConkie calls us again telling us when we need to be there, and I'm like, well we really need to be here for the weekend for lessons and for a concert on Saturday.  So he's like, ok, come in tomorrow evening so you can teach those people tomorrow because that's more important, oh and btw you won't be staying in Zlin.... so I'm like, oh, ok, well that means I'm blinding out haha!

Thursday was good, we had some lessons, and we prepped the city for brand new missionaries.  it was so much work, probably like 5 hours in total... smh then we went to Prague,

the next morning, president calls me, tells me I'm going to Jihlava this transfer. then, another office elder and I drive back home to Zlin.  we taught a few more lessons.  it was a good day.

the next day was Saturday. we had conference, watched it for 4 hours then high tailed it over to Uherske Hradiste where the sisters had a concert that we were singing in.  it was so So SO awesome! it was all about Jesus Christ, and what he did for us.  the sisters are just so amazing at singing, it went flawlessly! it was seriously just incredible, they had so much participation from the branch it was so cool!  then we watched the another session there with the sisters, and had some off the hook pizza!

Sunday, was great.  met with some people, played some scrabble, packed, watched conference, did more prep work for the new missionaries.

today, woke up, had a meeting early, then left at 8.00 got to Jihlava at 11 because of traffic, now I'm here.

It was a good week, so much to do so little time but just fantastic! I'm excited to be here in Jihlava. my new companion, Elder Pruden, he's in the same group as Elders Talbot and Pearce my former companions.  ¨

you know, i was thinking about conference, and the church is just true.


Monday, October 6, 2014

so this week...

Looking down over Zlin
I'm about 20 feet from the President of Czech Republic
  so this week, i made a package, it has some gifts in it, sorry Tiffany your's wouldn't fit, so y'all'll get that in like 3-4 weeks, does anyone have allergies? mainly Tiffany/Jeremy because i know all y'all's allergies. and don't worry there no cat in there so, i mean like food allergies.

     anyway this week went well, umm it's kinda short just because i emailed you last Tuesday and it's only been from Wednesday til now. but this week we had some pretty good experiences umm just prepping for conference next week, and doing work here, haha so last week though, 2 of our investigators' wives had babies!! so that's awesome, and of course we're focusing all of our lessons on families being forever haha! 

     we went tracting this week, the houses here are pretty cool, in Zlin, oh fyi i'm still in Zlin for a week transfer calls are on Saturday and i'll go to a new area next Monday, it'll be good.  They're actually opening a new area in my district, in a different city so i hope i go there, it'd be way fun, or i could go... ok they're are too many options so i'm not going to name them all, but back to my story. so we went tracting and what we do is we go out putting a paper in people's mail boxes saying, well it's really long but basically, "hey we're missionaries, and we are here to share our message will be back sometime next week if you have questions . . . atd."  so then we come back in a week and track or maybe like 4 days later and the people don't really ever get mad at us, but rather talk to us for quite a while, then say they don't have interest hahaha.
My City of Zlin
but this one old guy was talking to us when we're putting out letters and he's like 'yeah comeback next week,' so when we came back he's pretty excited to have us, invites us in and we taught him.  It was really cool, then he gave us some dinner and showed us pictures from his trip to America, he was there on September 1st, 2001 and he had a picture of the New York sky line with the twin towers, it was really cool, i love America! anyway that was my cool story for the day

but i hope y'all had a good week, i hope you all listened to conference and had a great, uplifting experience from it. I'll get to watch it this weekend.
My bike ride this morning in Zlin
I hope everyone has a good week, if for some reason i don't email next week, it's because i got transferred to an area where they have p day on a different day so it'll come just hold your horses. Love you all, peace off!