Monday, July 28, 2014

hi sorry, really short one.

Hey this isn't a joke, I just don't have time today, to email that much, and a ton of people wrote me randomly this week , but my week was good,  I had success, I'm doing well, and I'm healthy, haha I figured out how to use the deep frier in our kitchen haha yeah.   I bought a 2.5 kilo bag of fries.  hahahah but yeah this week was super good though, we had an amazing conference.  I'll write about it next week sorry for such a short one, see yall next week!!

This year and last on the 24th of July we gathered all our Czech Missionaries at Priest Hill near Karlstejn Castle to commemorate the dedication of Czechoslovakia for the preaching of the gospel by Elder John A. Widstoe.  A great spiritual day.


Monday, July 21, 2014

what a week.

just kidding nothing super exciting actually happened this week... so yeah. just a normal super hot week here in the city of Zlin!

but it is Bryce's birthday today! so happy birthday Bryce!

oh speaking of birthdays it was one of the sisters in my district's birthday on Thursday, I made a cake, and we sang during district meeting it was pretty good.

today I'm going to be in Kroměříž  it's really pretty there apparently, I've only stopped there by train a few times so i haven't got to see it really so that'll be exciting.  Oh another cool thing, we started teaching this family in Otrokovice,  they are just so nice! but yeah I'll be going there tomorrow to teach them again they are just so cool, they are 7th day Adventists, which in my eyes is probably the most respectable religion, and you can just tell how happy they are with a relationship with God in their lives, it's very visible with the sharp contrast you can see in this country, it's awesome.  but yeah that's about it for me here in the Czech Republic.

haha one last thing, so me and my companion play ping pong a lot on pdays when we have a leftover hour or two.  hahah he's not very good... don't tell him i told you hahah but yeah they other day i was kinda bored of winning so i started playing with my left hand, after it was like 7-0 i was just like wow, it's really hard playing left handed hahaha, he was so mad, then I told him I'm ambidextrous to make him feel better hahah 

so that's it for the week sorry i don't have much to say, it was just a pretty regular week so yeah.

but here's something important that i learned, so i was reading in 1st Nefi (because i started over the book of mormon) but when Lehi dies actually maybe it's right at the start of 2nd Nefi, but when Lehi dies his son Nefi says something that stood out to me, he said, in verse 27 of chapter 4 of 2nd Nefi "why am I angry because of mine enemy?" then in 28 "rejoice, o my heart and give place no more for the enemy of my soul" and then continues in to verse 29 saying "do not anger again because of mine enemies."
so here Nefi is talking in 3rd person and at first he asks himself this question "why am i angry because of mine enemy?" and he realizes there is no need to be angry with his enemies right? but then it's interesting where his thoughts then turn in verse 28 he decides the source of his anger, "the enemy of my soul" aka the devil.  then in verse 29 we see that he reminds himself to not be angry because, when we are angry as we learn in 3rd Nefi 11:29  it is only because we are giving in to the devil, who "stirreth up the hearts of men to contend with anger" so in my council to you all, be slow to anger, cast off the sin which doth so easily beset you, rejoice in your hearts "and cry unto the Lord, and say: O Lord, I will praise thee forever; yea, my soul will rejoice in thee, my God, and the rock of my salvation." (30) these things i say, type, ve jmeno Ježíše Krista Amen.


Monday, July 14, 2014

bra71L (brazil, 7-1 L) haahahah

hahaa this is in light of the 7-1 game in the semifinals of the world cup haha just ridiculous

did you know that 57% of brazil is covered in rain forests the rest is covered by Neuer. (german keeper)
sorry, sorry, enough with the brazil jokes besides I just cant take it aNeymar (neymar lolz)

anyway so i'm kinda sad that my two teams in the world cup had to play in the semis, Argentina and Netherlands, that was to sad, and then it was quite a pity that neither of them won... but at least they took second and third, it would have just been cool to see a south American team win ...

and can someone tell me how Uruguay did?

any way this week was pretty good, we had a good amount of teaching, finding and rain. (actually quite a bit of rain.) but it went really well, yesterday though we were kinda freaking out because the 3 main families from our branch were going on vacation so we and 2 older sisters were the only ones at church, also we didn't have any bread because one of the families was bringing it, so we freaked out a little, then we ran to get bread and as we were on our way out of our church building the family showed up, they had the bread and so we started. Crazy day.

we also had 8 new investigators this week, that was pretty cool.  God really is hastening the work. and whether or not you want to jump on the bandwagon, it's up to you.

we've also taught this week, a lot of people from different religious backgrounds, probably every single person we taught was from a different line of thinking, the most difficult to know how to teach was the Buddhist girl we taught, it's just such a different concept to us so it was kinda hard to ​ empathize, but, she's doing well.

​keep up the good work family, and hey someone tell oskar to check his email!

-Love Y'all, Spencer.

P.S. just like grandpa used to say "Deutschland über alles !!!​"

Monday, July 7, 2014

Just rolling with the punches

my week went well, it's hot out here in Zlin, the exchange with the zone leaders that i had went so well, but we had a lot of contacting time this week, for some reason no one will pick up there phones, i don't know why. We will seriously get like 6 numbers a day and then none of them will pick up... it's slightly frustrating. but we have a way cool investigator who is doing well, she has a baptismal date, we teach her 1ce a week because that's all her work schedule allows, but she is so accepting of everything, and also so bright, like when we teach something, she gets it and has some questions but then understands and we don't have to go back over it, it's pretty awesome. the work is moving out here though, it's going well this Sunday will be interesting, only 2 members might show up... so that's going to be fun haha, it's not like a problem just so you know, only people going on vacation so don't get to worried. haha

oh and today was pretty awesome, we went (we two and the sisters in my district) on a bicycle ride, to a sick Kostel in Velehrad, but i forgot my camera, so sorry, but no pics, don't worry i'll get pictures from the sisters, (they took a ton) then we just got back, longest, hottest bus ride of my life, i was literally dripping sweat just sitting there, it was pretty nuts, but now i'm just way tired.  but it was a pretty awesome vylet.

well, keep up the good work, 4th of july was also awesome we sang the three american hymns from the hymn book and went to KFC and basically 'MURIKA!  then pretty much we just talked about how great america is all day, and basically GOD BLESS AMERICA!! that about sums it up, if you're reading this and your czech, yeah i'm sorry that your country is like almost as the best in the world, almost, if your Italian and you're reading this you should just be ashamed. then go to america and learn how to make real pizza (haha) anyway america, america!