Monday, June 30, 2014

Well, the good news is: there is no bad news

SO hi all, how're yall doing?

Umm this week was pretty dang good, i got some interdental tooth brushes and my gums no longer bleed when i use them and they are just awesome, shout out to my czech dentist for suggesting them!!

nothing else actually last monday when we were sitting in the courtyard of a zamek a peacock ate out of my hand, so that was crazy hahaha

also this week this lady totally blew us off when we were talking to her, she was just like "your czech is (an adjective) but i don't have time goodbye" so i'm like to my companion "what was that word she just used?"  "she just said our czech was aweful like really bad!" (he was so mad about it like he wouldn't let it go for the next 20 mins: "i can't believe how rude that was!") so i wrote down this word that she used and latter during dinner i looked it up, "marvelously splendid" hahah like literally the most beautiful adjective ever haha my companion was so mad about it the entire day hahah it was so funny.

that's all for this week, i hope you guys have fun at girls camp and at Camp loll, you should prank the younger girls mollie did i just type that? haha yeah you seriously should though haha, anyway have a great week everyone!!


 so i just read my blog, the companion things are all wrong so here you go

mtc: Dan McOmber, Brady Cowley

trainer: Heleman de Angelis

follow up trainer: Paul Hansen

olomouc: Taylor Pearce

ostrava privos: Brandon Benson, Grant Esser

ostrava mills: Grant Esser

ostrava dubina: Sascha Prohaska, John Prymak

zlin: Morgan Talbot

Monday, June 23, 2014

What a Week

This week was good, probably one of the better weeks of my mission, we went to Prague earlier this week, but in order to get there in time i got to stay in Olomouc, it was fantastic getting to return, but the coolest thing happened, when i was getting off the train at Olomouc, my favorite investigator ever was standing right there on the train platform waiting for her train to go home.  it was so cool, i got to talk to her for like 10 mins before she had to go.  it was so amazing.  to give you a better perspective, this was the girl who i talked about in my last week in Olomouc, she's amazing!

So then i got to stay in my old flat, in Olomouc north, it was cool to be back. so in the morning the 4 of us went to Prague, i lost my scriptures and preach my gospel on the train.  so that'd be great if you guys could buy me a new triple, i already have a bible, just black standard size, i was going to do it myself but it cost more to ship it here than to buy it, so i didn't want to do that.  after that we had our training, a general authority came, that's why we had it in Prague.  it was an awesome training, During it one of the sister missionaries who was a professionally trained musician sang "I stand All Amazed" it was so beautiful, easily the best part of the training by far. Jesus Christ, really did die for us, he really is our Lord and savior, it is wonderful to me.

the rest of my week here in Zlin went well, we had game night on saturday, it was so cool, i played the branch president in Ping Pong, he's so good, it was really fun the branch here is way cool.
the next day yesterday, we had a missionary farewell here it was so good, we had support from a lot of members from Brno, that was really cool, oh and the girl, she's going to London, England on her mission, really awesome!

well that's all for this week, congrats to Trevor and Tiffany

umm sorry for not posting something on my blog last week, well not my fault, i did write an email haha but have a great week!!    (mom's posted now.  It was a crazy week!)

Monday, June 16, 2014

Hi Short one today

well i had a great week here in Zlin, it's small and good this is the city where bat'a shoes started.

umm well i spent a lot of time emailing trevor and tiffany so i really am done right now,

but trevor and tiffany are getting married on friday! yeah!! so that's supper exciting, and yup. umm
that's it that's my whole email today sorry for it being so short.

and ummm  i challenge you all to invite someone to some kinda church thing this week who's not a member,  even if you're not a member this challenge still stands, invite a friend! because this month is the month of invitation!

anyway tak umm Love yall!


Monday, June 9, 2014


I got transferred to Zlin today!  so that's cool it's really hot today so i can't focus like it's like 33 Celsius 91.4 Fahrenheit , and it's humid here.

This week went so well though, it was a good week to blind out on, at first my companion was getting trunky and i was like, hey you're getting trunky and he's like, no i'm not, and i'm like yeah i had two other companions go home and yes you are.  After that he was just way focused missionary work all the time, because when i said he's getting trunky i think he realized how in a few days when he goes home he wont be a full time missionary and he didn't want to waste any of his remaining time here at all because he knows how important the work we do is and he knows how much it can change lives and how much it matters for people to know about.  What we do here as missionaries is so dang important, i don't think anyone who hasn't served a mission can fathom it, that's probably why the guy in general conference said that every member should read preach my gospel and I also told you guys to, so if you haven't' started yet, do it. because it's important, it will strengthen your testimony 10 fold like it has mine and then when the time arrives to share the gospel with someone, you'll have something to say, the spirit will guide you in the words which you speak, and you will be able to stand and testify of Truth.

     For those of you who don't completely have a testimony of something pertaining to salvation, and you're searching, go and pick yourself up a copy, of preach my gospel (Kažte evangelium mé) from pretty much any member should have one and, read the first few chapters and study them and you will gain a testimony of what you need to do and you will be testified to by the Holy ghost the things which you desire to know, of any testimony that is lacking in order to progress in the gospel or to progress personally.

The knowledge that i've learned from this book, paired with the scriptures is so immense i couldn't even begin to explain it to you all.


Monday, June 2, 2014


God exists, he sent his Son, Jesus Christ, to this earth to die and atone for our sins.
The Holy Ghost is the third member of the Godhead, the Testifier of Truth.
The Bible and The Book of Mormon are the word of God here on earth today.
We also have a prophet who's words are just as powerful and as important to us as the two previously mentioned books, His name is Thomas S. Monson, He truly speaks with God and directs us on how we should live righteous successful lives.
Joseph Smith lived and died as one of the most reviled men in the history of the world, but every single thing he said and did while acting as a prophet of God is truth.
These are the things that I now know, and this knowledge has and will forever change my life.
I bear witness of these things as a missionary, serving under the command of the Most High God, in the Czech and Slovak Republics, in the name of my Lord and Savior, even Jesus Christ, Amen.