Monday, May 25, 2015


so thanks everyone for the wonderful birthday wishes! they were great! i acctually took so long reading all my emails and replying occasionally that i have like no time left... so sorry but thanks for the emails they were fantastic, i'm having a good day today so far, the ysa here are throwing me some kind of party tonight so that's going to be fun!

But it feels good to be 20, 1/4 of my life is gone, humm that's cool. well i don't feel much different than i did yesterday so whatevs.

this week went well we found some cool people.  a lot of different religious people.  this morning i finished reading the bible, that was a trip.

well, it was good to hear from you all.  the work is pushing along. the gospel really does change people for the better.  i've never met a person that hasn't been changed by it for good, and if anyone ever tells one of you otherwise, they don't know what they are talking about. :)


Monday, May 18, 2015

farmer tan, on my neck and arms...

yeah I got pretty burned picking weeds on Saturday for 5 hours. but it was ok in the end.

on Friday and Thursday the APs came and stayed with us so that was pretty fun. nothing super exciting happened during correlation like last Thursday...

Wednesday we went to Trebic, that is always good,

Yesterday we made cookies for everyone in our apartment building which was super fun, haha people were so confused why we were giving them cookies, the looks on their faces hahaha priceless. we also made some for some of the recent converts that we teach, and they loved them! and what's not to love, butter, sugar, more sugar and flour, oh and chocolate. like, what more is there to happiness?

oh last Monday we went to the zoo, there were these otters, I petted them, one bit me haha, I got it on video... good times haha.

the weeks are counting down, I have what... 16 left, i'm not quite sure but time is short so I have to pick it up to finish the work at hand.

have a great week see you next Monday, thanks for all the emails!


Monday, May 11, 2015

I actually told you everything yesterday...Mother's Day

No i'm just kidding, I still got things to say,

actually I have this way funny story I forgot to tell you yesterday, haha and by funny I mean not funny at all. so two nights ago right before we went to bed our carbon monoxide detector went off.  that was a riot haha.  so we called our president, he said that we just should make sure all the batteries are good then open the windows, so we did, then we turned the detector back on and it didn't go off all night. so, then we woke up in the morning and i'm not dead. but I have been living in fear for the past 2 nights. so that hasn't been mentally taxing whatsoever.

besides that, umm church went well yesterday. I led for the first time, it was pretty terrifying, somehow I got everyone singing the right songs and the speakers to go in the right order, so all is well that ends well. umm also yesterday we went over to one of our recent converts houses and my companion skyped with his family (I didn't want to because i'll see you soon) but while he did that I may or may not have watched the Czech vs German match of the hockey world cup and it may or may not have been awesome. The Czech Republic won (4-2). 

any way that's about it for my week. random fact that I learned this week McDonalds was started by a Czech guy from Plzen.

Thanks for all the support and emails!

Peace off!


Monday, May 4, 2015

May the 4th be with you alwa...well today!

so this week was pretty alrightish hahah funny story:

so we were in Brno, for training. as we were coming home by bus we came up to this detour in then road marked by a sign and we are going down the road and we come to this bridge that is marked 3,2 meters high, and the bus driver stops. Knowing his bus is 3.45 meters, he sits there a while thinking about it and then he calls his boss and he and his boss are having this discussion about how he could get under the bridge or if he could, it was so funny, i was sitting right there next to him, at one time he was discussing having all of the passengers go to the front of the bus weigh it down and then walk to the back of the bus as he goes under the bridge! so funny.  then he finally decides he cant (it's been like 25-30 mins) and so now he has to back up down this tiny, twisty road in this giant bus, so he starts employing the passengers to get out and guide him, and he has someone run to the back and pass along hand signals, it was quite the adventure! so then we just go through where it told us we had to turn. turns out they were just having a little party on the namesti for the 1st of may and all they had to do was move a little gate for us to go by, smh, haha, it was hilarious.
Bus-Bridge Misadventure

anyway that was probably the highlight of my week.  nothing supper exciting is popping out to me. it was kind of just an average week here in Jihlava,  nothing huge.

umm it sounds like everyone is doing well, have a good week!  keep up the good work!

and also that's really all i got when it comes to funny stories or anything, hmm, oh also on the more spiritual side, today i was reading in Hebrews 12 and it says that the lord chastises his children, so if you feel like you're going through a rough time at all, it's because God is counting you as his child and he loves you, "but if ye be without chastisement, then ye are bastards".  So be happy in your trials and you will become stronger.

Love y'all


p.s. i'll call you next week at 8:00am mst (on the phone)