Monday, April 27, 2015

Email Time...

nothing happened this week.

end of email.

I literally thought about ending it right there, how mad would you all have been?

Happy Birthday Abbie and Adéla!!

the work is going along, still here, i'm healthyish so it's all good!

we're still helping people get baptized!

That's super exciting that Trevor and Tiffany got to find out the sex of their baby!

and seriously nothing exciting happened this week i'm sorry.  Have a good end of april everyone!!


Monday, April 20, 2015



so we got transferred!! i'm staying here in Jihlava, (you pronounce the J like a Y and the I like ee and the A like a dentist would make you) but yeah my new companion is from Mississippi so that's pretty cool, also yesterday I was made 1st counselor of the branch here in Jihlava, so that's pretty cool, i'm pretty excited to help out more around here!

Its kinda weird though, now that I'm a first counselor it's like a thing now, like I was in the Sunday School class for the youth, and usually we'd just go unnoticed if we were in a class like that. but the teacher was like "and i'd like to welcome Elder Petersen from the branch presidency we're glad to have his presence"

but it's also kinda cool because we'll have some general authorities come through so i'm hoping that i'll get to be in some leadership meetings with them that'd be cool.

other than that though, we had a pretty average week honestly. so i'm sorry If my emails are getting more and more boring like I've been here for 7 months about and so not that i'm in a rut but like nothing really new happens that much. I almost got in a fight hahah this guy, who was probably on something, was trying to convince me he was Jesus so I just agreed with him but he could obviously tell that I didn't believe it. haha it was nuts but yeah nothing happened.  

anyway love you all! good luck with the baby thing Trevor and Tiffany! oh and hey everyone, missions are important so go on one!


Wednesday, April 15, 2015


konference was good. we had a meal between sessions on saturday as a branch and it was pretty cool, the members just love american food, (prolly cause its full a butter and sugar) so alas now i have to translate the recipie for rolls into czech smh... haha

the rest of the week went pretty well, we had the opportunity to go to a soccer game on saturday which was way fun, went with the six of us missionaries and 4 of the ysa here in Jihlava so that was super cool... we lost though. 

i'm having a hard time remembering what we did last week because i left my planner... umm we had nothing much last week besides that, just preping for confernce and everything so yeah, but the work is stilll pushing along and even speeding up so it's really cool to see that people want goodness in there life, i feel like everyone really longs for the gospel, but the pull of the few who control the media make it seem like it's the uncool thing to do, and since there is no more honor in today's day people can't do what makes them happy if it's uncool, because they care to much which is sad.

well last message for the week, general konference was pretty clear this time, get married and be morally clean!

Peace off!

tl;dr watched konference, a soccer game, and peer-presure is bad.


Wednesday, April 8, 2015


yeah so sorry i didnt' email on time, on Easter here everything is closed and the library is again closed on tuesday just because so hence i email today. but i have not much time, because the other elders here need our help teaching because one of them is sick.

​but yeah the week went well umm konference sounded good, i think it's hilarious that people opposed the general authorities haha so pitiful ​

Easter went super great we went around and did this cool Czech tradition and if you remind me next Easter i'll tell you all about it. but because i'm short on time...

i got to go on Exchange with 2 elders who i am king over haha i mean district leader over it was a good time, the elders in Trebic are great. 

maybe if we come back here i'll have more things to write but time is short for me so for now hasta lavista baby,.