Monday, November 25, 2013

Dad Gum Smells Like Baptisms

so nothing really that exciting happened this week, umm oh i was going to have a baptism on Friday and then i didn't.  but yeah long story short, the lady we were going to baptize didn't want anyone there at the service, i mean no one. like, she just wanted my companion there to baptize her... and that's it. like not even me... anyway so because of that our zone leader said she's not humble enough.   so yeah like she wouldn't even allow 2 witnesses and she says we never told her that it was a requirement... we totes did. but yeah so that didn't happen...
      umm nothing else super exciting happened this week, oh, but we did have zone conference that was good, got to go to Brno again.  umm and the end of the transfer is next monday so I'll get a new companion, so my current companion is going home and he keeps saying, like, " this is the last week of the transfer" to my district and every time, i say, the last week of the mission... it's pretty funny he always gets mad at me but oh well.

     i really don't have anything to talk about the rest of the week was pretty boring, we taught some people we contacted.  sooh oh oh i know what happened, so there are all of these houses they've built in the middle of the Náměstí and they have like all of these little shops in them yeah it's way cool. well i don't have any time left so, See you later. but yeah i'll write a letter next week about thanksgiving.


Monday, November 18, 2013


   So your emails were all so great, that's sad about the Iverson's Mom, i knew Jarrett he was on my tennis team so that's pretty sad that that happened.

   We went to this pretty cool castle church thing last week, that was exciting, it's called Holy Hill in English.  it was pretty cool.  they had these huge doors like freaking huge and i took a video pushing them open like in lord of the rings haha. it was way fun and then there were all of these statues and we posed like them and took pictures

     so today i went to czech costco.  it was pretty awesome not as good as costco though they just don't have bulk here, so it seemed kinda pointless because it was so much food but they were still in their tiny little containers, it kinda seemed pointless hahaa but whatever, it was good to get our shopphold on.  i forgot the coolest part! when we were checking out our total came to exactly 1000 crowns!! it was awesome just to like pull a thousand bill out and just be all like bam there you go cashier lady haha also even when we went to costco (basically) they were still amazed at how much food we buy haha.  i don't think they even know what real shopping is like haha.  like i couldn't even imagine what they would look at you like if you went shopping for the month or even 2 weeks hahah always funny. everyone in here is on facebook :(

     i don't really have any great stories this week so  yeah ...

     umm oh i tried to make rolls, the pan was too small, so they were gross but everyone liked them, but i think they're just being nice because they were seriously dough, like i even told them, i wouldn't eat these, the senior couple was just way impressed though that i made them, and that they were good... but i mean, what's not to like, it's like sugar flour and butter haha.

     oh i went on another exchange this week, oh ok, so my companion, every week we come home from getting groceries, "why do we get so much cereal and milk, i've never bought this much my whole mission" so this week i was like, you are the one who eats so much i probably only eat one bag, we get 4-5 (not the same size as american  bags) so i was like fine, we'll see who eats the most cereal, you can only eat those two and i can only eat these two.  so the next morning, after i get out of the shower, he's like eating his cereal and then he goes and gets some old corn flakes and then has a bowl of corn flakes, and i'm like hey you can't eat corn flakes, that ruins how we can tell, and he's like "no i'm just winning the competition" my reply: "what?! are you an idiot? First of all this wasn't a competition, it was to see who eats more, to prove a point.  and secondly I'm obviously right if you have to cover up the amount of cereal you eat with cornflakes!" smh then later after the exchange he's like elder Weyland ate like a ton of cereal, then later we were talking about it with elder Weland's companion, and he's like, "elder Weyland doesn't eat breakfast" hahaha hahaha ha i'm so right, smh anyway that's my story but i got to go so see yall next week!


Monday, November 11, 2013

It's Not My Birthday Lulz (/*-*\) l__l

Ok so on a lot of emails from people they are wishing me happy birthday (sarah.) hahaha, no.

This week, hummm well, i have a tram pass now so we take the buss and trams a lot more so that's always an experience hahah. yeah nuff said.  Oh i got attacked by a dog this Thursday, haha it was a small dog haha so don't freakout but it was startling, i was just petting him and then all of the sudden it just snapped and just started growling and biting my hand. yeah oh well hey jude.. yeah so that's playing, i dig it. wow so i think whenever i write my emails i just love using all the slang that i know just because you guys will actually understand, because if i don't use like the most formal English, my Italian companion won't understand. haha so sorry for that but only a little, haha yeah if you need help reading any of this just ask like mollie or oskar, parents. also again i apologize for the spelling that i do so poorly at. oh, just so you know there's this store here and they sell cups and teaspoons and stuff so yeah i don't need that anymore, sorry. 

In other news yeah so the elders in the Philippines (spelling, whatever) is Joel missing?

oh, also thanks for the more recipes also umm...

oskar, i need your email, someone tell him that.

 So story time.,

hummm oh so yesterday we went to the hospital for this kid who's spleen maybe i can't remember, tore, and we gave him a blessing, and then his dad and his mom a blessing for comfort... i think... (it was in czech so i think haha) yeah but the branch president did it, he's so cool. 

also this week i finally got to the good part of the KM like after the Isaiah chapters, lulz, but yeah it's so intents at least king benjamins speech was haha get it, (in-tents haha) haha yeah no.  umm but yeah if they made a movie out of the book of mormon it would compare to game of thrones in rating i think. like as in rated R but also as in it'd be freaking awesome and it would have good ratings.  but yeah seriously probably rated R though, like a ton of times the lamanites are all like "imma kill you and drink your blood" and then they totes do. anyway so yeah that's exciting

ok actual story though...oh so this week we had a chalk display in the náměstí (town square) where we took sidewalk chalk and we drew on the cobble the plan of salvation, like the size of a half court.  Then we talked about it with people while, and after, we drew it but so here's the kicker, haha never mind inside joke as in inside my mind as in never mind it was only funny to me that's why i wrote haha, so these cops like come up to us like one minute into drawing and they're like, "can you be doing that?" and were like yeah we asked you and you said we just have to erase it, so they go away for a while and then they come back and they're like keeping an eye on us like we're just going to leave it there, haha.  Then we're almost done with it and we're going to start erasing it but we realize that the broom we were going to sweep it off with didn't work so we have to go get water, but these two cops are just standing there watching us.  We can't go get water so i'm like lets just go talk to them about it, haha. and my companion is like, "no they're cops"... and then im like, what? cops don't deserve eternal exaltation? and then he's like "wellllll"  (like a higher pitched "i don't know" kinda tone) yeah i guess we can go talk to them... (because they were standing there for literally 30 mins now), we go up to them and we're like do you have 5 mins that you're not doing anything that we could talk about our drawing with you and then they realize that they cant really get out of it, so there like, yeah i guess.. haha so then we shared with them the plan of salvation, they were all like yeah I know all this... pshh yeah right. so then after that they left us alone and we went and got water, hahaa.

but yeah so that's my story, and it just goes to show that everyone deserves to hear the message of the restored gospel even like the nuns and Jehovah Witnesses we stop, because every person needs to at least have the ability to hear it.

Also here a quick side story that backs me up, the pope's assistant earlier this year, was baptized! haha yeah, so any one can be (i know this because my companion's mom is friends with her) haha so yeah.  Keep sharing the gospel, and sharing the Gospel doesn't have to be in the form of the work missionaries do but rather it's in your actions, everything you do is watched by others. so keep the commandments and treat people the way Christ would WWJD.  But seriously think about that, You can't call yourself a christian if you are going to go about doing un-Christlike things.

well ttfn, Peace off!  


PS:   so i was having these primary kids try and say your names because i was playing a game with them, haha when they got to jaynanne it was so funny, hahah because the J makes a y noise and the y makes a i noise and the e make an egg e always any way haha it was funny, peace off

Monday, November 4, 2013


Happy Birthday Oskar! also Happy Halloween (everyone)!

     so nothing really that great happened on halloween although there was some cool costumes, also everyone carries around these lantern thingy's on sticks.  oh, halloween story, so there's this big group of people coming towards us and it's dark, and i'm like "these guys are going to beat us up." so my companion is freaking out, haha we get closer to them and he's like "maybe we should turn around" haha so then we get closer and I realize that about half of them are girls, but they all have there faces painted and some are wearing costumes but they're giving us weird looks, so i'm just like "Happy Halloween" and at first they were confused because i wasn't speaking czech but then it hit them and they all were just nodding and then started laughing and they're like yeah yeah, happy halloween! hahahah it was cool oh also we saw a huge group on halloween dressed in ww1 stuff walking around in a big contingent it was cool, they had like medics and ammo guys some of them were wearing bandages it was pretty cool.

     So that reminded me of this other crazy thing that happened right, so i'm standing on this tram going to the train station, the tram is packed, because it was saturday so they only run 1/4 of the trams but we're about to get off at the hlavni, like the tram stopped already and so i'm kinda making my way to the door and this guy like taps me on the shoulder, so i turn around and he's like trying to tell me something, like he needs to get by with this old lady and i'm in the way i think (he's speaking like bulgarian)  so i'm just like " Co?" (what?) and he's just getting more angry  and he's like saying something again and my companion turns around and he's like "Co?" because he thought i was just having a hard time with the czech and then i'm just like "Omlouvám se, ne mluvím..." (i apologize i don't speak...) and then he just pushes past me let's the old lady go and then he turns to me, between me and my companion and like just looks me in the eye, and just clenches his fists and just flexes at me... if that makes sense, like "you wanna go?" i'm just like woah and look at my companion then he just storms off the tram, it was crazy, there were like people looking at me and we had to follow the guy like into the train station, but we didn't want to pass him but we were in a hurry. yeah it was crazy...  yeah so not even a month in and i almost got in a fight with like this 5'5" foriener haha
​     yeah so that happened and then this week was pretty sub-exciting. hahaha but yeah sounds like you guys are all doing well, sounds like oskar got a fun birthday celebration ​umm also Mollie, oskar, where are the chapters... i am disapoint. 

     oh, thanks for the reciepis (whatever) but could you refrain from using like 1 pack of soup mix and stuff, it's not the same here. also could you send me more soups, and more casseroles, maybe that broccoli casserole yeah and also just anything good would be good, oh and are you sure the pancakes it's 2 T baking powder? that's a heck a ton. any way oh also you wanted to know what you could send me for Christmas, could you send me a set of normal, simple measuring cups, not ones that are like fancy ikea accordion crap or like metal ones just a simple normal plastic cups that stack into each other and also a set of normal simple tablespoons and teaspoons, also, a rubber ended spatula thing i don't know what it's called but all they have is wood or hard plastic here and it's so hard to like get all the sauce out of a pan or something. anyway yeah, that be great and i cant really think of anything else because they have mostly every thing that US has so yeah just not cups because they use grams and stuff (lame) 

so that's all for now čůs (like german choos) (goodbye) haha yup umm that's it.