Monday, February 16, 2015


So this week i was sick a little i'm better now, but sister McConkie let me sleep through, all my studies and go to bed early (8:30) it was awesome.  i'm better so it worked. 

and since i was sick i just didn't have the best week, nor can i remember it so sorry...

umm i played badminton, and we bought a new apartment it's pretty nice,  haha we'll see who get's to go there next week, me or my companion.  so that'll be fun.

i'm so excited for transfers next week, we'll finally have four missionaries!  that'll be way fun.

anyway i'm really sorry for the shortness of this letter, i'm just still a little under the weather, but today is nice and the sun is shining, The tank is clean... AH THE TANK IS CLEAN!!!

yup have a good week, Peace off.


​Oh congrats to Trevor and Tiffany on the baby thing!! i'm holdin my thumbs!​

Monday, February 9, 2015

50 Shades of Sin

so this week, 50 Shades of Peklo is coming into theaters do not watch that movie. it will degrade your personal sense of being,  It will ruin for you what true love and care is, and you will feel a little violated for watching it.  If you think that it's not going to be that bad and you lie to yourself and convince yourself that it'll be fine and your grown up enough, you are wrong. sin is still sin no matter your age (past 8).  and to prove that it's not good with out you going to watch it, here's an example, I have never seen a movie poster on the Sex shop chain, "erotic city" until this movie came out. 

so now that i have that off my chest, this week was good, we had few good lessons, my companion spoke in sacrament meeting. which was good.

umm i don't really have anything else, but hey stand ye in holy places.

and dare to stand alone.

or sit alone. lulz

but hey i hope you've all been reading/praying it's so dang important if you didn't read my thing last week go and read it, repent and do better.

-I tell you these things cause i love ya,


Thursday, February 5, 2015

3 Days late

Hey sorry for the lateness, my companion has a foot problem, so right now i'm in Prague so he could go to the doctors.  It's pretty hilarious the doctor like looked at his ingrown toenail and he's just like... this is a disaster. that's my diagnosis: disaster.  hahah it's pretty bad.

but on the other hand my week is going great and i don't have any issues with my health so that's good for me, i guess haha  

so this week went well though, and so did last week.  i taught my district the importance of the scriptures this week, and my lanta they are so important! Like seriously with them they make everything that we need to do in life so clear. throughout the scriptures we learn good from evil, and not only do they just teach us good from evil but they tell us how to decide what is good and evil so we don't need to refer to them all the time on every subject.  

the scriptures also teach us what is the true church of God and the attributes that it should bear.  That's why they are so important for us to know, because with them in our hearts, not just in our minds, but our hearts as well, we will know where truth is and we will be able to stay strong in our ways when opposition arises.  we'll be able to have personal spiritual experiences and not just rely on the words of others as so many people in the world do today.

also, with the scriptures, we'll be able to bring true happiness to our lives and the lives of those around us by abiding by their precepts.  I think this point is so incredibly important as well, so many people that are investigating our church, or, looking at it from the outside in, those who aren't members as well, often think that we, as Latter Day Saints, have some kind of agenda (which is such a lie). As if the reason we want people to come to church or follow the commandments or be baptized or whatever is so we can be like yeah we got another point in heaven or sweet now i only gotta pay 9% tithing haha or whatever.  It is all for the other people, it's just so they can be as happy as we are.  

with that being said, When people stop having interest in the church or stop following the commandments or the like, I feel like it's not sad for us at all like my life goes on.  haha i think the thing that makes us sad is that we know these people who we love and care about are choosing to be less happy than they could be, which is hard sometimes. 

so for all of you who read this, just remember that true happiness Is found here in the church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, because this is truly God's church, this is where all the truth is.  All of it.  My mission president said to me in an interview,  
Mormonism is Truth, 
here, i'll write it this way Mormonism=Truth, whatever is truth we embrace it, no matter where it comes from, whether that's the prophet, science or any other conduit, all the truth that is found is part of this church and we accept it. That's why this church is the only true church. THE ONLY ONE!! hahah i hope that made it clear :) 

i hope you all search to know this if you don't, for yourself, it's really worth knowing.

love yall have a good week.