Monday, November 24, 2014

Baptism Week

So this week was fantastic, we had a baptism!!!

it was so cool, the girl who got baptized is just so cool, she invited her friends and family, and we had so many members there so so so spiritual!! easily the highlight of my week, i actually can't even remember what happened for the rest of the week because it was so great.

it really puts into perspective what's important in life, because the rest of the week was also pretty cool now that i'm reading my planner, we traveled a bit to other parts of the country, I gave a speech yesterday in church. but all of that pales in comparison to the spirit and the feelings that could be felt at the baptism.  being on a mission just really puts into perspective the importance of everything. like how much all this pitiful drama of life really doesn't matter in the end, all you have to do is be a good person, care for and love others, and everything will be ok.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Two days late haha....

sorry for the lateness, Monday was the day communism in this country fell, so it's like their July 4th, so everything was closed and actually it's not like July 4th at all because there aren't huge celebrations.

then yesterday the library is closed just because it was Tuesday

so here I am.

and now I don't remember last week, because it was like a whole week ago. ummm
we went to a Hokej game!! what up! so freaking cool, the dopest. like way fun, we went with an investigator who is a retired NHL player.  haha he was like teaching us all about it, so cool! and the game was just super intense, like well actually it was in a Hokej arena.... but seriously a nail biter.  First 1/3 we're down 1-4, boooo. Then second 1/3 we're down 2-4, boooo.  still then I was like we have to score 3 in this last 1/3 or we aren't going to win and we have to stop them.... and then WE TOTALLY DID IT!!! 5-4 baby!! but then in the last 25 seconds of the game "Most" our opponents, take the keeper out, and have all of their players on offense, and they just took shot after shot after shot... oh man It was so crazy!!  Then like 3 people got boxed and it came down to a puck drop with 2 seconds and they almost scored again!! SO CRAZY BUT WE WONNNN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

so then the next day we had Svaty Martin Day and this guy rode into our city on a white horse with this whole medieval parade following him, one of our members was in it so we watched, then they had this huge fireworks show.  By huge, I mean freaking huge!! like we're standing in the namesti... plaza of the city and literally looking up at the fireworks, and the fire works took up my whole peripheral vision! ...for like 15 mins! and then they just had the coolest music playing on these huge speaker towers! Literally my thoughts about it are unascertainable.

​then the next day we did service, it was so cool, we went to an old member's rest home and sang to her, then we taught English at this club for youth who have undesirable family situations. really cool, really fun we played simon says with these 4 teenagers haha they got so into it! hilarious.

next day one of our investigators passed her baptismal interview and will be baptized on Saturday. That was the best thing of the week by far, she's so amazing, I just can't wait!

next day Friday nothing. haha 5 hours in a bus. and some street kontakting.

next day coolest new investigator of all time.

next day sunday, on time to church, we had 7 investigators come!  Second coolest thing of the week.

Monday everything was closed, so we longboarded and had subway.

yesterday taught 7 lessons. had an awesome day!

today. i'm emailing, that's weird. hahah yeah thanks for all the emails, i feel like i got so many today, maybe i should email 2 days late more often..

see you all in a few days!


Monday, November 10, 2014

1/2 7/12 15/25 466/758

This week was fantastic, but nothing huge is sticking out to me right now hahah, ummm yeah really though nothing ....

hold on....

ok lets see,,, monday went to a sick castle.

tuesday, sang happy birthday to myself for oskar. also on monday we found a guy named oskar and set up for tuesday with him haha how ironic.

wednesday... nothing. cool. ummm we actually had an investigator teach us the restoration haha it was fantastic!

thursday. nic

IT"S FRIDAY FRIDAY GOTTA GET DOWN ON FRIDAY>... yeah we made up some czech words for that song. we went to a cool worship service.

saturday. nothing huge. solidified baptizm plans in 2 weeks with an investigator

sunday, 30 mins late to church... whoops hahaha no just kidding we were helping someone come from the bus station so it's all good. the branch is so cool here though, they were trying to wait for us. it was cool

that's my week put into 8 senteces (giver take)

have a good one, sorry this isn't that long and thought out.   i was busy talking with my long lost sister.


Monday, November 3, 2014

Day 459

so birthdays are fun. everyone has one birthday left before i get home, that's pretty cool.  
this week was pretty alright, pretty good. we went to Brno and thats always way cool.  also, we had some obviously great meetings and stuff with people. it's so cold here though, holy crap it's cold, like it's super humid, and so, although the temperature is not super cold, the ice misting air is just freezing! but whatever it's super fun.
umm yeah not a whole lot actually happeded this week, somthing super cool that did happen...

we went to a baptism, IN A POND!! it was so cold, like for realz, really, really cold. it was just super cool! 

also this weekend, an awesome investigator that i taught for 6 months in Olomouc was baptized on halloween, IN A RIVER!! like for realz? a river? but afterwards she was telling her current missionaries that although the water was so cold, she just felt so warm... that's amazing, baptism is just awesome! 
the Holy Ghost is so powerful!  

yeah everything else this week just pales in comparison to these two baptisms, so i don't really care to write about anything else. 

So... have a great week, and until next week, peace off!


P.S. someone in their last email said "now i know that you read my emails" of course i read your emails! i read all of the emails (except for your's trevor, when your dad sends them in a pack of 5 haha but i do skim at least hahah) but yes i read all the emails, and thanks for them all.