Monday, March 31, 2014

(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

   So first of all transfer calls are on Saturday and I'll go to a new city most likely on Monday.

     We don't watch conference here until the 12-13th

     and sorry for flipping the table i'll put that back.    ┬─┬ ノ( ゜-゜ノ) sorry

     so This week, yeah! so fantastic haha! whoo hoo, nope sorry this week was actually kinda boring. humm.... oh we played pirates dice at game night that was kinda fun.  oh oh oh OH when we were looking for trash, well not looking for trash but cleaning it we were cleaning under this bridge and this bum came and was like "Co Děláte?!" (what're y'all doing?) and we're like cleaning? and he's like no! and then were like ok sorry but apparently we were cleaning their house haha well not funny that they live out there but it's a funny situation haha.

but then later when we were cleaning i found a hedgehog!! i named it sonic! but then i couldn't get the sonic song out of my head "rolling around at the speed of sound" if a hedgehog was rolling around at the speed of sound it could kill you! they're poky, i would know i touched one! anyway

we saw a sick Ferrari

haha the spell checker is in english (american) yeeeahhh!​ MURICAN!

anyway i'm seriously at a loss of what to right, haha yesterday at church i was talking to an older sister in the branch and i was like, "this is my last week" and she's like "Co! CO!" she just couldn't believe it then she invited us over for lunch :D and they were just like "You've been here 6 months?!" ahhah yeah now i'm peacin out!


anyway nothing much more to write, but man, I was teaching an investigator some little insecurities about joining the church. And about religion in general, and then i was just thinking about it so much and this church is just so good! like some people in it get like all judgmental like you drink Fruit tea pshh but they just need to get off their little low pony and be accepting like Jesus!  We're The Church Of JESUS CHRIST! like if you're being prideful and self righteous then your just as bad as the people doing the "sinning" anyway so all y'all need to be a little more humble and accepting!


Monday, March 24, 2014


Well this week was freaking awesome!! I went to Bratislava!! it was awesome.

but let me give you the low down...
Monday- boring, p day.

Tuesday-told some lame jokes in english, lame. (they thought it was funny.)

Wednesday-had an investigator studying dentistry teach us how to brush our teeth after our lesson, freakin cool, then we ran to the train station, no we didn't, we took a tram, took a bus to Brno they played big bang theory on the tvs in the bus. got to Brno stayed in the zone leader's apartment that was cool,

Thursday-then woke up 4:00, went to the Brno train station, got on a 3 hour train to Bratislava!! got there, walked through the city, to the church building (when i say building i mean apartment where they hold church.) then had a freaking good zone conference with the Brno zone and Slovak zone. then they released us for lunch. Went to McDonald's, paid with euros. then we went back to the building and had a guided tour of the city and the history of it! It was awesome. then we got back to the building where a zone leader and i went on an exchange to Brno. arrived in Brno, had 2 lessons with these guitar players who were playing at a baptism last Saturday. then got driven home by one of them and sat in the back seat with his sister who's a recent convert with the coolest story of how she joined the church, she was so cool. then we get home, plan, go to bed.

Friday-Wake up, study for an hour, went and had a lesson with the guitar guy again, went and contacted for Brno's english class.  got 7 numbers in 30 mins.  personal best! not even for my area. then taught a Slovak lady and a Ukrainian lady the True Gospel of Jesus Christ. then took a taxy, don't take taxis here they're heck of expensive, 10 dollars for 10 mins! are you for reals, we were just desperate to get to mission prep on time and that's fine, now that taxi driver knows the True Gospel of Jesus Christ. taught mission prep in Czech (so hard.) went to a member's house, she fed us, while she chastised us (well not me, the Brno missionaries) for not stepping up and doing their job correctly. then got driven to the bus, by the zone leaders. took a bus back to Olomouc, taught a girl on the bus the True Gospel of Jesus Christ, got home went to bed. (after planning of course.)

Saturday-woke up, weekly planning. Proč? Prostě musíme. Did service. taught a lady the True Gospel of Jesus Christ. Had ultra badger. went to bed.

Sunday-Woke up (haha hopefully i woke up on all of these days hahah, or else I'd be dead.) went to correlation meeting at 8 had church 9-12 ate lunch got on a train went to Prostějov, walked 10,000 steps looking for people to teach (i found a step counter in our apartment) went home, made waffles, planned, called an Awesome investigator for an hour Teaching the True Gospel of Jesus Christ. went to bed. 

Today- woke up, studied, shopped, emailed.

​That's the life in a week of a Czech-Slovak missionary.

​Well hope y'all had a good week. This Church is God's only true church on the face of the earth and anyone who denies this fact doesn't believe in God, has never heard of it or is to prideful to admit it. there is just to much proof in favor of the church.  and those who don't believe in God live by the same standards of pride.


Monday, March 17, 2014

this magician is walking down a street and turns into a bar...

so Czechs, they really like dem corny jokes. like a lot haha like they will just buckle over with laughter so if any one has a good joke send one. or even a just a dumb joke like "orange you glad i didn't say banana?" send them this way.

oh but no like WW2 jokes you can't really tell those here. 

ok so I had a great week umm actually I'm just assuming I had a great week because I don't actually know what I did hold up lemme go check

ok so actually this week was pretty mediocre. we just had like average days and we went to some cool members' houses and we taught some pretty cool phahah so i just remembered this way funny thing so last Monday we were in fhe and so we were telling corny jokes like i said earlier and my companion is all like "hey i got a good joke,... Canada." hahaha it was so funny we all just bust up laughing except another elder in my district who's Canadian. and one of the girls who was laughing with us like realized that we just insulted him and she like stops laughing and's like "i'm sorry,.." cutting her off in reply, he says, " no no i'm sorry" in the most Canadian accent hahah then we all just bust up laughing again hahah. yeah good times
well this was a short one so sorry well i jsut don't have much to write. oh my heck so there's this lady next to me watching a video and i cant hear it but i like i just will like glance over and she has the mouse right in the middle of the video. it's bugging me so bad like if i was on her right side i would "accidentally" bump her mouse.  that's just my biggest pet peeve it just is so distracting. ok well now I'm rambling. see ya

-The best (current) missionary in the family haha totes jk jaynanne. haha but seriously -Spencer.

Monday, March 10, 2014

HaHa Joke...

hahaha no just kidding hhaha

but this week was pretty good, last Monday we went to the zoo. zoo's suck.

Tuesday yeah i can't remember because i just got distracted by the fact that I get to go to slovakia!!! yeah woohoo! so i was guessing that i'd probably never get to go to Slovakia my whole mission but my next zone conference is going to be in Bratislava!! whoo hoo

umm now i have no idea.  oh yeah so this guy with the bible thing. hahaha so we have this investigator guy,  we were at his house the other day and he's all showing us this conspiracy bible stuff on this crazy tv show, but it was crazy.  on the tv show they were talking about this statue that was found in South America that depicted an antichrist who was struck down by an angel and then preached of Christ... WHAT?  ALMA THE YOUNGER!!! so i'm all like wait, pause it, pause it! and he's all like why? "what they said just barely...." then i went off about the book of mormon and he's like what that really happened and i'm like true story bro.

cookies, so last Sunday we were going to make cookies and we made them well "made" we got about 18 and burned about 36ish and but the people we gave the good ones to liked them.  but basically not my fault, our oven is awful. like it's just one big huge burner in the bottom and there is no temp gauge and that sucked. oh and i had to chop up candy bars because they don't have chocolate chips here? what?

anyway i hope you're cookies are not burned and also have fun with life. oh and you know waht i found out, so there's this prominent religion here called like "Hari Krishna" and they believe in reincarnation but the more times you say  "Hari Krishna" the more likely you are to be saved but this is the religion that does those big chalk fight things and at them they play this song that just keeps saying "Hari Krishna""Hari Krishna""Hari Krishna" so they're trying to convert you hahah

so have a nice week everyone.



so well i had a pretty good week.

see you next week.