Monday, October 28, 2013

So Sick Vylet Today....

so yeah we went on a cool trip today with the branch I'll put in a picture or two, umm also this week...umm yeah i don't know nothing really great happened, umm nope, don't know like the wow, I'm really drawing blank. 

wow i seriously sat here for three minutes.

umm yeah so yesterday we call up this way cool girl who was going to get baptized in a few weeks and were all like, hey are you coming to family home evening tomorrow and she's like, "no, i'm going to Switzerland." what? seriously i don't even know... haha

umm we cooked a lot of eggs this week. it reminded me of home haha like we went through 30 eggs wow but we did eat pancakes a lot. oh that's what i was going to write you about. so can you email me some recipes i don't think i spelled that right, (the instructions for making different kinds of foods) any way for our pancakes, umm casseroles ok ya know what spelling is hard ok.  rolls.  and just anything, maybe some instructions for fried rice Trevor, that'd be great. oh some noodle dishes yeah but they have the worst cook books in these apartments, except for elder bailey who has an Americans homes cook book. but yeah the cook book we have is like the stupidest cook book, it's called like "where's my mom now that i need her" and it's supposedly designed (i'm sorry ok.)  for college students and it's like "add one can of beans or whatever and then half a packet of instant soup mix..." it's like really if that's all college students can understand i'm sad for the future of the world. oh and funeral potatoes yeahh. also can you get like a recipe...instruction list... for cookies Mollie

and that's all folks i really don't have anything to say but here's a pic, oh and hope you had fun in boston fam.

Church, Yeah, Way Cool

well there will be more next week but for now, ttfn glhf ggwp love yall!

Monday, October 21, 2013

So Zeah

Umm nothing really happened this week, yesterday i made a video of my apartment and i didn't bring my camera on accident so i cant send it to you :( but i can tell you it was good. 

     Coolest thing ever this week, so i lied before when i said nothing happened, I went on an exchange this week, and we were contacting in the park, but then we had to walk down this main'sh road for a bit and we hear some sirens in the distance, like coming towards us and we see these vans that say police on the side coming toward us, and then they pass us, so there was like 6, 15 person vans, they were all full police in full body armor, with guns and masks and helmets it was so cool then like 30 seconds later this ambulance passes us without its lights and sirens on following the cops, so i turn to elder weyland and i'm like, "you know what that means right?... shoot to kill" yeah it was way cool. 

so then also after that when were were contacting this lady comes up to us and she was collecting money for the blind because it was international blind day and so we're like oh sorry we're missionaries we can't donate and she's like wait, like Mormons? and were like yeah, and she says, "oh, i've read your book" and I'm like wait, the book of Mormon, and she's all like "no, Jesus the Christ".... SHE READ JESUS THE CHRIST! like what the heck? i haven't even read that book!! and she's all like yeah i have it in Spanish, but do you have it in Czech? so this lady from Spain is speaking to us in English and asking us if she has Jesus the Christ in Czech... i feel so inadequate.  Anyway, so that was nuts.

     Wow are you freaking kidding me, someone knocked over a hoodoo... they should get a prison sentence.  that's defacing a national monument, that'd be like if you like broke the nose off of Washington at mount Rushmore or if you carved something into a redwood, or if you knocked down landscape arch because it's unsafe, that's such bull crap. wow  idiots.

     boston huh, hey also right when you get this make sure and put money on my debit card, i asked president to email you because he was like "hey do you need me to do anything", in an interview, but i don't think he did. because i think one of you would've told me about it. any way so yeah hopefully you read this when you wake up so that i can buy a coat today.

     Someone mailed you your phone... irl smh hahaahahah

     So again, we go to go tracting, and so we come up to the first pana-lak (communist apartment buildings) and we are hitting the buttons hoping someone will let us in so we can knock on doors and then this lady walks up, so we haven't even knocked on one door and she's all like "do you guys need to get in?" and were like yeah that be great, and she's like what are you doining here?" so we say "oh were missionaries can we come share with you our message for 5 mins?" "sure" so we go in and teach this lady for like 45 mins and she gives us this cake, and she's a pro chef so it was de-lish and then she's like "can I give you my number, so we can meet again?" "CAN I" "I" she offered us her number so we can meet with her again, yeah so i don't know why everyone thinks trackting is the worst, we would go trackting all the time if we had time to between lessons, (we usually only have time to go contacting or we need to eat)

   So yeah pretty good week  i hope you send me money. glhf ggwp ttfn


Monday, October 14, 2013

Who were the missionaries...

  So this is day 76 and so i just had this realization that that means i'm 10 percent done with my mission.

     also sorry but there is no apostrophe so if i hit this § key it was supposed to be an apostrophe.

     So this week has been good, A lot of travel, we went to Brno which is the second biggest citz in cyech oh my gosh freaking y z are switched!  but yeah so the trip was pretty cool we had a bunch of training and stuffs.

     Then we got to finally watch conference this weekend. it was really good. umm a huge thing i got from it was that, 1st of all I don§t mean to sound rude... but yeah imma be rude, the missionaries in our stake and city are just awful. there, i said it. this is why, i don§t even know who they are, yeah not one of them.  and i was a ward missionary! that's freaking pathetic! the members in a ward or branch are the biggest tool that missionaries have! every single lesson we have we are trying to get a member to come to and befriend the people there, before my mission i literately had the calling of being that member and i didn't even know who the missionaries were! Every member should know the missionaries and likewise it should be visa-verso! the more members you know the more people you have to choose from when you need someone to sit in on a lesson! and the saints in Utah are strong in there beliefs. they know how missionary work works, i don't know, i'm just frustrated is all. but seriously they need to step it up that's all i'm saying... but yeah that was kinda rude... oh well it's the truth... just like elder Uchtdorf said, people are ready to put their faith into action, they are ready and they want to! when you are living in a place where the saints don't have to take a train for 45 minutes to teach with you, you should know who they are and they the same.... you should give this to the missionaries, they don't realize how blessed they are. sure they have there own challenges but really they can do it.

    so about your emails, they were pretty good, so i was thinking, with the 3,2,1 thing that the stake is doing so as a family, you should do what one of the speakers was talking about, with the "Family missionary pool" thing, yeah that was pretty cool. umm also, mollie you should check your email, and it's also for oskar.  Jumbotron, that's pretty cool. your stake conference seemed interesting, having the guy come around with a mic and choosing people to speak, that's pretty cool! Umm yeah boring crap is really interesting to me.

    so this week was pretty good, yeah.  

    haaha no, i was just going to leave it at that but i have to expand i guess, so czech people are so impressed that i'm trying to learn czech, it's really funny, they're all super nice about it, like all of them, even if they're not interested in the gospel, they are always like, in broken English "Czech is hard huh?"  haha yeah it is.  

umm i don't have much to write about, like the week was busy but now it's becoming more routine.  but yeah still fun! so for next week i think i'll make another video and show you my apartment it's interesting, i finally get what uncle Brian was saying about the toilets in Hungary, yeah that's weird.  umm yeah till next week, sorry my whole email was getting mad about the missionaries in ogden they probably do hard work.  oh well now i spent so much time writing it, i'm not deleting it.

oh also, trevor, you need to speak to every single person you see! I wish i could, you're blessed to be speaking english in your mission so use it to your advantage! you should never let someone walk by you without talking to them, just like it says in preach my gospel, they were put in your path so open your mouth...  ok that all for realz,  Love Yall!

Monday, October 7, 2013

Have a Little Faith, Elder

Day 70

Ok, first things first, your emails... K so i have an hour and a half of email time and so i read all of your emails and then i send emails but it takes forever to read them all.  They were all enjoyable but wow like, all of them were the same. like, you all told me about conference weekend and about tiffany and sammi and john and so yeah maybe try and coordinate what your telling me hahah. but they were all good.

     Now for your questions and things.  All - "O" - Moats. Olomouc.

     The flight was long, I didn't watch a movie because i could see everyone else's tv's and they weren't so i felt like i shouldn't, although i did intently watch all of the screens around me, so i watched oblivion, and superman, someone in front of me watched juno twice..., i watched the call, and star trek 2 it was a good flight. superman was the best because it had so much fighting and i got the story without the sound, also oblivion.  The plane we were on was so nice, also we were the first people to use it. it was hecka nice, the first class... you wouldn't even believe.
     the food here is good and cheap you can eat for like 3 dollars a good meal, so far, i've had fried cheese (it's a thing), trite (sheep's stomach soup) it was good,  They have this stuff called Kofola and it's the communist version of coka-cola and it tastes like black liqurishe, all of the missionaries love it, it's alright, kinda gross but everyone says i'll love it.  the first czech meal i had was Svíčková, it's like bread and soup and meat, it's awesome, umm  they have this cereal here that is so good, it's basically like they took granola and then just put chocolate in it haha it's way good. umm other than that we've just made a lot of pasta and rice.

    My companion is way cool, he's Italian and he's really funny.  He's also amazed when i tell him about Utah and America. like, how if you stand on the point of the mountain you can see 6 temples, and how if you walk from my house in any direction you can get to a church in like 10 mins, his mind was blown.  He's way impressed by me though, first of all because i've corrected some of the older missionaries on there czech grammar.  haha yeah, secondly that I understand what's going on in a lesson. but he was so impressed, like 20 mins after we were companions we went over to the metro and while we were switching trains I saw this guy wearing my tennis shoes, so i'm all like "Mam rad Vas boty, Vy play tennis?" and then he's like "oh yeah i do", in like broken english because he could tell i wasn't czech. and then I started talking to him a bit more about why he was here and stuff and then he asked us why we were here and then my companion took over because the guy was having a hard time in english. Any way so we get off the subway and we're walking to the train and the guy is standing looking at the train schedule board. So i take out this prauge pass along card that i had for this type of situation. and give it to him and tell him if he has any more questions that he can look up on the internet or call the missionaries here in Prague.  so he was like yeah ok.  Any way my trainer was just like blown away that i did that before him and stuff he's like told all of the missionaries the zone leader, the mission president. yeah so that was good i guess.  But yeah he's cool. he's a little bit afraid to set to high of goals though, like today we were setting goals on how many of our investigators we could baptize this transfer and he was like 1 maybe 2 and i sat there for a second thinking about it and i'm like, 4 and he's like (Italian accent) "eleder we have to set goals tat we can obtain 4 is way to high"  yeah we argued about that for like 15 mins, but well not like an angry argument, but more like a discussion and eventually i won by using the scriptures. haha, and i was all like, in the book of mormon they just went and stood in the middle of the city and said, You all need to be baptized! and then that day they had 8000 baptisms haha and then i was like we have 9 weeks to baptize 4 people i think we can do it.  and then he's like "I don't know how we can dooo it"  and i was like "faith is not to have a perfect knowledge of things, Have a little faith elder" yeah then he's like ok we can do 4 and I was all like how bout 5! and he's like, no.

    We don't get to watch conference till this Sunday. because they need to translate it.
    In the Czech republic there is no stake so therefore no wards. My branch is kinda small but it's fine. the building is above a bakery and a "vit pit" umm yeah it's pretty good.
     So this was a long email, and i don't have anymore time, i have stuff to do but yeah it's awesome here. oh and yeah i did place a book of mormon in heathrow.  well i'll tell you more later.  ttfn glhf ggwp love yall,

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Fresh and Ready!

President and Sister McConkie with the new Missionaries Oct 2013

New Missionaries Ready to Go! Oct 2013

Office Info on arrival

Elders DeAngelis and Petersen
Dear Brother and Sister Petersen
This morning Elder Petersen met his companion – Elder DeAngelis. Attached is a picture for you to enjoy. There is also a picture with Elder Peterson. They probably won’t serve together because Elder Peterson is a Slovak missionary. J
Today they will travel to their area called Olomouc.  It is a small city approximately 3 hours away from Prague by train, slightly south east of Prague.
Altogether there are 4 Elders and 1 Senior Couple in that city.
P-Day is next Monday. Elder Petersen will contact you then to share his adventures.
Czech/Slovak Mission

Elders Petersen & Peterson
Please don’t hesitate to contact me... if you have any questions or concerns.  If you have any concerns of a private nature then please feel free to contact President McConkie personally...
Also – apologies for not having sent the attached letter yesterday.
We are so delighted to have your son with us. J
With warm regards from
Sestra Judy Munro
Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints Czech/Slovak Mission             Executive Secretary

Pres. McConkie

Badeniho 1
160 00 Praha 6
Czech Republic
Tel.: +(420) 224 322 215

Robert D. and Lori Petersen
719 East 2675 North 
North Ogden, UTAH 84414 
                                                    2 October 2013

Dear Brother and Sister Petersen,

Elder Spencer E. Petersen has safely arrived in the Czech/Slovak Mission. Sister McConkie and I are impressed with your son and want to thank you for all that you have done in preparing this wonderful young man for his mission. In our estimation he is prepared and ready to “… preach the gospel to every creature that cometh under the sound of …(his) voice.” D&C 80:1.

Attached is a photograph of Elder Petersen which was taken today just after he arrived in Prague. After a good night’s rest, tomorrow he will be assigned a companion and an area in which to work. D&C 80:2-3. Elder Petersen will be a blessing to the Czech and Slovak people as he declares gospel truth. D&C 80:4. We love him and pledge our best efforts in directing his service here. We are confident that the Lord will stand with him in his service.
Your son has accepted a call that will change his life and the lives of those with whom he is serving. These first few months will be full of new and challenging experiences, and your support in the form of encouraging and uplifting letters will help him greatly.
Our greatest hope is that each missionary with whom we serve has the kind of mission experience that will establish the foundation for a lifetime of service and discipleship. Thank you for your willingness to share Elder Petersen with us.

With warmest regards,

James W. McConkie                                            Sister Laurel S. McConkie
Prezident Česká/Slovenská misie

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

He has arrived safely!

Dear Brother and Sister Petersen

Your son, Elder Petersen, has arrived safely in Prague. We are delighted to meet him!

Elder Petersen with President and Sister McConkie

Attached is a photograph for you to enjoy. It was taken with President and Sister McConkie when Elder Petersen first arrived.

At the moment Elder Petersen and his group are enjoying a ‘Prague Walk’ with the Assistants – Elder Knapp and Elder Sewell. This will help to keep them all awake until an early bed time. They will also have their first Czech dining experience.

First Night Pension
Tonight the Elders will stay together at this Pension just around the corner from the Mission Office.

Tomorrow Elder Petersen will meet his companion and they will travel to their area. I will email you again tomorrow with a picture of the two happy missionaries! I will also be able to tell you which area they will be serving in and a little bit about it.

P-Day is next Monday.  Elder Petersen will contact you then to share his adventures.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or concerns.

With warm regards from
Sestra Judy Munro
Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
Czech/Slovak Mission
Executive Secretary