Monday, January 26, 2015

Opposition decreases as we choose to be full of optimism

Did you guys Know that LASER is an acronym for: light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation? well now you do! THE MORE YOU KNOW!!!

SO happy birthday to Trevor and Brian, and also Jeremy again!!

So this week was good, i'll just give y'all a run down.

Monday: well nothing much it was p-day, I got my companion to buy some useless items haha he's not the best at making a money decision.

Tuesday: So we thought there was going to be district meeting in Trebic but we called up the Trebic elders and their like, "we're in Prague," so we had a pretty crazy day that we had to throw together.  then we got to teach one of our neighbors, it was pretty cool.

now you'll never for get how to spell Wednesday.  we actually had District meeting in Trebic, then we ran up this huge hill to catch our train Holy Cow that was a far run in a suit.

Thursday: we had FHE, we played signs, it was way fun thanks for the Idea Jaynanne. hey do you guys have any party-like games like signs or something to do with a deck of cards, like spoons or B.S., that'd be useful.

Friday: We taught English, oh hey did I ever tell you that me and my companion got a job haha

Saturday: Game night we played ping pong at this ping pong club it was pretty cool, but my companion was feeling kinda sick because we were on this RICE ONLY diet hahah (that's what he blames it on at least but he did lose 10 lbs. in like 2 weeks.

Sunday: was great.  We were given the opportunity to teach Sunday school, we taught about John the Baptist. also during sacrament meeting the girl who was supposed to speak was gone (sick) and so our ward mission leader who was in charge of the meeting stood up and said, "in the scriptures they had the meetings run by the spirit, they sang when they felt they had to sing and spoke when they felt they had something to say, so that's what i'm going to do today" then he stood there in silence for a good 15 seconds looking at us all... "Elder Petersen can you come and speak?" and then sat down.

     Isn't that awesome! I was chosen by the spirit to speak for everyone! So I got up and gave a good 7-10 min talk it was pretty cool.

So I hope you all have a good week this week! I know I will!


Monday, January 19, 2015

Cold Winter Days in Jihlava

Today I read this talk, I think you should all take 20 mins and read it.

It's the words of Gordon B. Hinkley.  If you say you don't have time to read it, reorganize your priorities and read it, because it's more important than Facebook and Netflix.  And CoD and Dota.

Anyway this isn't going to be the longest, but this week was great.  We went to Brno, then I went on Exchange in Trebic it was fun! we did a lot of English finding as well, we are getting more and more people to our English class so that's good!

Nothing really new with me... umm this week went by pretty fast. we had a lot of work, for the start of the new year so it was good.  today we got rid of this mold problém it was crazy! so yeah we had a good time though trying to take that down from the ceiling. I also started the bible again today! but yeah humm now i'm just rambling sorry...

That's really all I got.  Be more caring for others! it really does make all the difference in so many ways!


Monday, January 12, 2015

January Showers....

hahah so the other day, the 10th of January, it was sunny and 14 degrees (Celsius) quite ridiculous.

this week was good i'm just going to write one experience that was super cool.

so we're teaching this guy for a while, with my last companion until now, and we have taught him like 3 times right? so this meeting we get in there and my new comp, he's like "so did you read in the book of mormon" then George, is like "no. i didn't have time but i already read it"my comp: "like the whole thing"
George:"yeah like a while ago"
my comp: "do you believe it's true"
George: ÿeah of course"
Me: "so if you believe why aren't you baptized?"
George: "I am baptized."
Me: "with us?" (makes more sense in Czech)
George: "yeah! like 15 years ago"

Me and my companion: ... *speechless*

it was really cool, then he told us his conversion story. it was awesome, but i know that we were led to this man by God.  He's looking after us. He really is.


Monday, January 5, 2015

Pherb I Know what we're going to do today!

so I wish I knew what we were going to do today hahah we have nothing on plan, because it's p-day hahah, so yeah I'm going to follow up!

Who set goals? for the new year? to prove to everyone that 10 is not a huge amount of goals I set 30, and I planned how I'm going to achieve every single goal! so you guys should be able to manage at least a tenth of that and get 3 measly goals....haha
anyway the week went great.  this week we had multiple fun things happen, we were informed that 2 more elders are coming into Jihlava at the end of the transfer so we get to start looking for a new apartment. then I got to go to Brno and our baptismal candidate was interviewed, so that was super cool! then later we had the new years whoo hoo!! we watched Popelka (Czech Cinderella) and Sul Nad Zlato (just another Czech fairytale) then we had these huge hamburgers and we watched fireworks from our balcony. there was so many! more than last year

then we had p day the next day, so dumb, literally every single thing in the whole city was closed, even the mall.

then we got to go to Trebic the next day!!  I taught our district about making goals and we all shared our new years resolutions, my companion's goals and mine were kinda trunky because we're going home this year hhahaha

then the next day we had a baptism!!! dope.

then Sunday, testimony meeting in church, it was pretty good. then we taught Sunday school.

pretty good week.

super long, oh it finally is snowing!

well, I hope you all have a good week get done with those goals!!