Monday, December 29, 2014

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...

Michal Buble just sang this in my head.

Yeah so it's finally beging to look like Christmas haha we got some snow here finally so that's pretty cool, that was like on the 26th though, so no white Christmas for us haha in fact, it was hilarious, on the twentyfifth we woke up and we were in Trebic with the elders there and i got out of bed first and i walk into the other room that has the window open then i run back into the bedroom and i'm like, you guys you guys! guess what it's doing outside??!! then they all got excited, and i'm just like as excited as i can possibly muster and i'm just like IT"S RAINING!!!! hahaahahah it was so funny they were all pretty upset hahaha

but then we got to spend Christmas doing service and visiting people, then we got to skype that was alright... haha just kidding it was fine, which means 'good' in Czech, fajn, anyway, the next day we sang on the namesti Christmas carols and what not, that was pretty fun.

on Friday or maybe Saturday, now i don't know, on the 27th, we went to Trebic again and we got to watch a Christmas concert in a huge cathedral from the 1100's. so that was pretty cool.

we just started the new week, right now I'm in Brno sitting at an internet cafe being really distracted by everyone around me, because they're all playing video games just everywhere in this place.  there are like huge advertizements for software and games and hardware, and i can just hear everyone around me talking on teamspeak and mumbling, it's so cool. hahah but that's fine, there's actually like 6 missionaries in here right now emailing.  hhaah i wonder what the workers think about that...

i hope you guys are all having a good holiday and a good break,

peace off.


​PS: this week starts a new year as district leader.  I'm having everyone in my district make 10 goals for the new year, like new years resolutions but more like solid than that.  the point is to look at yourself in the future, next Christmas, and next new year, and ​see yourself accomplished with the goals that you set.  So kinda like where DO you want to BE.  then take where you want to be and make goals or maybe steps (10) to get there.  so yeah you guys should try that.  set at least 3, one for health, one for wealth, and one for spirituality.

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

So this is Christmas!

So i don't have much time, but i'll be on skype at 10:00 (i might be a few minuts late) in the morning for you i'll be using skype, so i can't conference call because it costs money to conference call, but that's when i'l be on.  K i don''t have any time today to email just a few mins, but yeah it's supper great this week, have a good one!


Monday, December 15, 2014

Day 500

​so that's pretty cool, day 500 exactly, that's like a pretty big stone.

yeah so this week was pretty warm.

we had a pretty good week, we just had a ton a lessons. we also went shooting and to a winery, that was a crazy night!! haha no just kidding we actually didn't shoot any guns (that's against the rules) but that's just a super long story that end's with me meeting the retired first lady of the Czech Republic while standing in a bar, while a whole bar full of people asked us questions about being a missionary... long story, not enough time.  Maybe i'll tell yáll about it when i get home, or on Christmas, or some time.

but this week was pretty good.  all in all, just gearing up for Christmas.  we just have so much to do.  we're getting so tired here. in other news  we've got to meet some really cool members lately.  also, we went to a traditional Christmas music festival put on by a school, it was really good.

also, we went to this super awesome bible study with 7DAs.  The Pastor asked me why i believe the way i do, and what led me to that.  so i got to basically have the floor and speak for like 10 mins to like 15 people about my conversion story, super cool.

someone just called, i have to go teach a lesson right now bye.


Monday, December 8, 2014

Meh...Oh More...

the week went well.

it's really cold here.

have a good one.


haha just kidding, the week did go well here though, we're super successful.
Craziest thing happened last week, on Monday we had this insane adventure!!
i'll tell you about it when i get home.

so the rest of the week was pretty good though.  They had St Nikolas Day here, and there's like this Santa guy, and he walks around with these terrifying devils and an angel, and then they go door to door as previously requested and they knock on the door, and if the parents say the kids have been good, then they get candy from the angel and if the kid has been bad, the terrifying devil takes them in a big bag, then paints their face with charcoal. hahahah it's awesome!

what else happened, nothing much, I was kinda sick so i don't remember a bunch and it seems like this week lasted forever (because i was sick)

but it sounds like everything is going well for all of you guys, kinda. so keep it up!!

oh man i bet you're all going to read this email and then read the one i already sent LAME, well whatever

Christmas is in three weeks! yay!

have a good one, here's a scripture from the bible that i read today:
2nd Sam 12:7 "And Nathan said unto David, THOU ART THE MAN!"
hahah yeah the bible's great.

hej, stay postive!!
And everyone remember the real meaning of Christmas this season and be nice to others, ok!

Peace off!


Monday, December 1, 2014

Thanks Giving!!

The thing I'm most grateful for in life is... Probably Sadie, the Kat.  haha (yeah i know there's two t's.)

this week was awesome! yeah what'd we do this week..... OH yeah, so on Thursday we had this Member call us and she's like "HELE! it's thanksgiving!" and I'm  like "yeah we know" haha then she's like, ÿou don't have anyone to cook for you! so you must come over tonight so i can give you a thanksgiving dinner!" 

It WAS A THANKSGIVING MIRACLE!!! so we went over to the member's house that night and she fed us this traditional Czech food that I'm not going to try to explain. (ovocný knedlíky)  it was so freaking good! oh and the soup! oh man I'm literally salivating right now thinking about it it was so good! so it was great!

then the next day we had our thanksgiving meal! supper awesome! we had a chicken and mash potatoes and salad and I made rolls and cinnamon rolls and we had this awesome salad and gravy! UMMMHH that was delicious, it felt like i was in America again!! went to bed happy!

the rest of the week was pretty great fairly normal, but supper successful!

it's super cold here though.

Any way that's all i got, hope you guys had a good black friday, and i hope you all remember the reason for the season... The INCREDIBLE SALES OF BLACK FRIDAY!!! GO TO COSTCO, YOU GET A TV YOU GET A TV, EVERYONE GETS A TV!!!!

Have a Great week!!