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The following entries are the letters and posts Spencer sent home while he was in the MTC for 9 weeks.  The first one, Sep. 29, is the last one.  The rest are in chronological order... Enjoy...

September 29, 2013

Leaving the country for 23 months in 5 hours peace out!! love yall!

August 2, 2013 - Week 1

Hey it's been good, first of all i need you to call and pay for my typhoid, i got it today , just call (801)422-8940 mon-friday 9:00-4:00 and yeah it's $69
so my first week here was pretty good, It's hard work but it's fun, i'm really tired all of the time, but this morning i slept in until like 9:20 kinda well i woke up ate and then took a huge nap ( like 3 hours) any way we get an hour email time a week on p day, for my companion ship i have 2 companions and yeah umm there are 5 elders and a sister learning Czech so ther's 6 of us, oh you should wash my sunooks or however you spell that, and send them to me that'd be great, also if you want contact me the fastest way is through dear elder, also you should mail me alot of stamps but not in the package with my shoes just in an envelope so that i can get it fast, Mollie you should get on my phone, it's next to my headset and get on my face book and post my mtc mailing adress and my czech address also you should go through my texts and find a girl named Lucy Kunzler, she gave me her adress and I didn't write it down, so you should give me that, also Can you guys mail me some Pictures, just one of the family, can you send me the one of me and Hannah at graduation, it's on facebook oh print those off and send them also if you could get a couple of me and some friends, wow kinda random my arm just started to really hurt from the typhoid, well glhf umm yeah letter's are the best while I'm here see ya

PS-also can you send me some key rings just like 3
PS-also you should send me a big bag of skittles. haha

August 9, 2013 - Week 2

Yeah i got the package, Like every picture is like of me when i was a way little kid though, and there were no pictures of my friends :'( oh well it's fine i do like most of them anyway.  if you want to send some there are some on one of the laptops on the desktop in a folder from MLG Anahiem umm 

The MTC is good not much to say.  Czech is hard but easy at the same time a lot less difficult grammar than English, no articles or tenses, so yeah that's easy in that respect, umm... My district is pretty cool and my zone is way fun!! We're moving to west campus in a few weeks once the Bulgarians leave.

Elder Spencer Petersen

I took this picture of the Provo Temple on Sunday
August 16, 2013 - Week 3

so  mtc is going fine, I made a video about  mtc and stuff on my camera that i was going to send you but  file is to big, so i guess I'll just write this all out  -_-  but yeah so today was good temple reopened and we got to go to it for the first time, there's a new movie, I fell asleep in it because we woke up at 430 this morning to do laundry. but that was good, temple breakfast was way better than mtc breakfast...  Did TRC for first time yesterday, it was way hard, umm so basically you just talk to someone, and teach them about whatever you want, like home teaching, but it was in Czech and it was so freakin hard, but oh well, i finished.

my companions are cool, and i like most of my district and i have a way cool zone.  Umm we don't know, yeah if we're going to Raintree, our teachers think we are but they didn't tell our zone leaders or us, so it's whatever.  i don't really have anything else to tell you, that's it. just a normal week.

PS - Follow up emails....
#1 - So I'm not using word "the" anymore just you know umm also i need more stamps and can you send me like a 12 pack of coke, (cans). Mollie lets make a deal you can use my orange ipod while i'm gone if you don't delete music, and you can add music but i want your small ipod with the wheel and it's like a square. So could you send me that with church music, some classical, could you get following songs: Lindsey Stirling's: skyrim song zelda song and shadows, Piano guys': cello song, o fortuna and any thing else on that album that's cool.  also one of my companions snores way loud so could you send me some white ipod head phones to help me fall asleep, because seriously if i don't fall asleep first i don't get to for 30 more minutes and i'm suffering from it. also could you send me a new deck of playing cards from my box of new decks make sure they're red

2 - also there are some checks on the chest in my room from ward members that need to go to the bank, in my room don't touch any of the flowers please that are on the walls.. ie dance flowers and my indian paint brush, DO NOT get rid of the traffic cone. that is mine. umm that's all i could think of right now. oh you should send me some green army men they're by the ping pong table in benches

3 - also could i get the student directory/planner from high school for my senior year please? that'd be great, also you should read pg74 of preach my gospel for family home evening and if you put some tswift on the ipod i wouldnt' complain...

4 - oh also don't just throw papers away in my room put everything in a box because i have a lot of certificates of accomplishments and also my graduation diploma is in there so yeah don't just throw things away (even if it looks like junk to you)

 5 - you should send me salsa if you can
This is the sauna that the Americans built at 1:00 on there last night. haah it was so hot.

6 - hey, umm my wrist is starting to hurt again from my arthritis, so could you send me my brace, that's probably more important than anything else i just forgot it though, also would you mind getting me an english and czech version of a childs book like harry potter 1 or hunger games level please that be great

August 23, 2013 - Week 4

Ok it was just a black wrap with velcro on the one end and a hole in the other, i really need it, that's like the only thing that i really want seriously if you send me just that i would be fine. you don't have to send me a shuffle, you can just send me classic or a nano(which would be more appreciated.), it just cant be a touch.  if you really want to just send me my orange one, but make sure you get the music off of it because there's a ton. if you want you can just send me a shuffle but if you do that you should let mollie help you choose music. because if i have to listen to any song that comes up then i don't want bad music. but seriously that can wait, i just want my you should've sent it when you watched the video so that i could have it already.

yeah the thunder and lightning was here also, it was pretty cool to see.

umm yeah my week was good, i talked about most of this stuff in my video, so if you want me to talk about something, then send me a dearelder during the week. so that i can talk about it.

but seriously send me my wrist band, i cant stress this enough. also my card deck would be most appreciated ummmmm oh and don't send me candy, if you want to send me food, send me wheat thins only we have way to much junk food.  Like i'm pretty serious. if you sent me some in my dear elder package then i will probably trade it or give it away :/

but, i don't really care for packages, i'd rather just have a letter, or something.

also news from the world would be nice, like a headline or something, that's not about the church, i know that sounds bad to say but the variety would be wonderful.

oh i was going to mention on your email, why do you still keep the phone line? yall have cell phones?

 in czech yall is a word.

so the rest of the stuff i wanted to tell you was in my video.

I Love you all, TTFN glhf,

                                      -Starsi Spencer Petersen

oh, p.s. don't throw anything away in my room, because there are some important things in there that you might throw away like my graduation diploma, my eagle award, my state skill c certificates etc.  so just be careful, if you want to get rid of any of my clothes, all of the shirts on the right side of my closet you can DI EXCEPT: my Holland uniforms, my Cabella's shirts (they're just one colour brown, black or green.), and also any NIKE shirts that are all one colour with the swish in the corner, if you notice any other shirts that i wore a lot that i didn't say then i guess ask me. Oh, save one of my Begin With the end in mind shirts that's clean, don't throw away the one covered in chocolate or the painted one though thanks.

#2 - In dear elder letters don?t put apostrophes, they?re so annoying they all show up as ? marks. so yeah you could see how that?d be annoying.

also, the whole 8:30 electronics rule wont work unless you take mollie and oskars phones at that time, which i think you should because when you say 8:30 time to turn off the xbox and laptop they just go to their rooms and text until the wee hours of the morning and oskar will get into bad stuff if does that because he already has an inappropriate (when i say inappropriate i mean it's not following the guidelines set by the strength for youth. Which as you know was written with authority) relationship with a girl at his age, and it will get worse if all he can do is text her for like 3 hours a night. also you need to make sure the iPad stays in your room past that time.

so there?s a few suggestions on that.

3 - hey, my camera has like a scratch or something on the lens but i can't see the scratch, but there's this black thing in the middle of all of the pictures, that i take, it's annoying, so could i send you home this camera, and could you send me the one that's in my side table next to my bed, it's also a lumix.

August 30, 2013 - Week 5
Happy Birthday Mom!!

It's been one month since I looked at you!

just kidding, for some reason that one song just popped into my head lolz.

So today has been good, normal P day, umm no one send me emails or letters so i don't have anything to talk about really, also to do with mail, where's my package? I seriously need an iPod.

But my week at the mtc has been good, on our tuesday devotional, we had Neil A Anderson speak to us, it was boring haha, I know i'm supposed to be all into it because i'm a missionary but sheesh they could speak in more than one tone.  anyway after he was done speaking they got up and announced that it was raining with severe lightning so we couldn't walk back, right when they said that i thought to myself, "Self, do you really think God would strike down his missionaries with Lightning?" haaha yeah then I decided it was for the safety of the police who stop traffic for us haha. yeah but besides that everything else this week was pretty normal.

              -Slaskoe, Starsi Spencer Petersen

PS - every week i email before the temple at 6:00 and then after the temple between 10:30 and 12ish
and no, i don't want a shuffle, I told you this, I know the rules better than you do. i have to read the rule book every night, it's a rule.
just send me a nano. i really need one. you have no idea.

K love you by happy 51st you're old now hahaa

slaskoe, Starsi Petersen

2 - Sláskoe means, with love. 

Starší, means elder, its pronounced starshee

3 - budette myslet o to, možna, možna.
Elder Spencer Petersen

September 6, 2013 - Week 6

So this week has been good. not much has happened, like seriously it was a really boring week.  Although i did get your package! The Coke was good. and the iPod is awesome, you didn't get the inception soundtrack? :(  Co pak? You specifically asked me if i wanted the whole thing and i said yes smh haha yeah whatever the songs that i did get by hanz zimmer are all pretty good although "mind heist" would've been cool umm I'm not sending a video this week because the memory card i have is full and the computers here are super restrictive so you transfer files, so i cant put them on my external hard drive, but today we're sneaking into the skype lab to do it so that's fine. I did get the camera you sent me so i'll send home this one today sometime but i haven't had the time to do it. 

       A bunch of people wrote me this week! but not you guys so I have nothing to talk about, but i did get dad's Yeah that's a funny story about what you did to the new kids, we just told all of the new Poles that 2 of them will be chosen during sacrament to speak.  they do chose to of us, but usually it's people that are about to leave or something so they won't get chosen although it is pretty funny. hahaha

      Yeah oskar wasn't the deal "if you read a book we'll take you golfing" yeah i'm pretty sure you didn't read a book. haha but seriously. 

      Yeah president Obama is spineless. he's not going to do something that is following his word like invade Syria. but yeah whatever, so tomorrow i'm going to be wearing my longhorns shirt all day because BYU is playing Texas so that'll be fun because every employee at the mtc is a byu student.  that story about Prague is crazy haha but yeah that could be me! nah haha just kidding but seriously.

      well I'm done, i'll be on later like at 11:45 when i get back from the temple.

gl hf gg wp         Elder Petersen

#2 - no i'm fine on the music, i just thought it was funny that you asked me if i wanted the whole inception sound track and then you didn't put it on oh well though it's fine.  yeah the package was good thanks, i miss my playing card deck though.  i don't think you realized this but during any given day when i was home i was probably holding my deck for like 3 hours just shuffling it in my hands and stuff while i think, it helps me focus.

3 - umm our mail doesn't allow us to join google+  and yeah did oskar finish the book? because if you give him ultimatums like that and don't follow up on it then he's not going to care do what you say and then he'll get mad when sometime you decide to follow through with the punishment.  yeah just my observations of how oskar does i don't need different memory cards, the computers here are just supper restrictive. umm yeah but yeah i have 1.5 terabites so i wont need more memory if even if i make a video journal every day for 10 mins. we can get on the computer's whenever we want, were not supposed to get on unless it's friday, i just did for a sec the other day to tell you bryce was coming to get my iPod. but usually we wake up at 4:30 to do laundry and i can email till like 6:15 and then we go to the temple and i email when i get back.

4 - oh one more thing, i was hoping for some pictures of my friends. but you can just put those in a letter. well have fun a peach days see ya maybe I'll get on again right before dinner like at 4-4:30

5 - k shoot i'm not going to send my camera home today, we don't have time.

Elder Spencer Petersen

September 13, 2013 - Week 7


So this week has been going well, the camera that i was sent doesn't have video capability but i think i still have a video that i could send to you, that i took with my last camera.  i finally found time to go in and send it today, so yeah, it's coming.  so next Friday we'll get travel plans for the flights, as long as i have my visa which i probably will because the Czech Republic is pretty lenient on visas for missionaries.  but yeah i think I'll be fine. nothing really happened this week, we got a bunch of noobs this week a bunch of poles came in last week but we just got new Bulgarians, Croatians, and Slovenians.  there's this Bulgarian from England, and he's way cool.  he is an amazing artist, he can draw so well but last Tuesday he started drawing me and it loooks soooo awesome! People are jealous of me because of it. but he's just doing me so that he can use an example so he can sell to other missionaries haha, i'm cool with that, i didn't really want the pic anyway.  the rest of the new kids are alright, i don't really know them but the more i get to know the poles, i don't really like any of the ones that I've talked with, they're very like judgmental and like half of them are kinda rude.  But it's whatever, in two weeks I'll never see them again in my life hahaha. so i hear you got new furniture? wow really you couldn't have done that like 3 months ago? haha no i'm not even mad.
     Nothing really happened this week besides that Oh while it was raining super bad we weren't allowed to leave the buildings :( that sucked.  but i hate the rain here it's so depressing. it makes it feel like the days are so long. like the other day it was 12 in the afternoon and the clouds were all out so we couldn't see any sunlight from inside the class, I thought it was like 7 in the evening and i look at my watch and i realized i had 6 hours of class ahead of me, it was terrible.

Takže moje čeština přichází spolu, ale je stále obtížné.  

Yeah dad i write in my journal everyday why wouldn't I? every day at the top of my journal i put day, whatever it is and today is day 44 I think or 45 but that's great that means i only have 15 or 16 days left of this place.  So I saw Joel as he was leaving, i was probably the last American besides the people in his group that he saw.  yeah we took a picture. I have not hosted yet on Wednesday,  haha i really want to though so i can see a bunch of crying people leave their kids for 2 years.. haha yeah, oh one of the Turkish elders said this thing the other day, "when you leave, lose eyesight of your parents, you're the farthest away (two years) that you'll ever be from them" yeah haha so that's pretty cool i never thought about it like that.

yeah i'm ready to leave, this place... is just getting on my nerves.  mostly it's just the people, but yeah i can't wait to get out. although some people are way cool and nice so i usually just go on splits with them so i don't have to be with my district.  My district is so annoying. oh. my. gosh. everyone except for Elder McOmber, and not so much Elder Sylvester, are so annoying, so first of all i have to spend upwards of 13 hours a day with these people. and then in our district meeting yesterday they were making all of these district goals about SYL (speak your language) and they're like we have to have 3 SYL days a week and during SYL day you have to eat every meal with the district.  IN the nicest way possible i tried to tell them that i'm sick of them and there is no way in heck i'm going to eat with them every meal, but every time I shoot down an idea they just are like, why do you have such a bad attitude? Every time i want to say, why do you have such stupid ideas?, but i refrain.  So yeah i cant wait to leave these people.  I will be sad to leave the Turks and the old Slovenians though they're who I hang out with.  haha i haven't really had any super awesome spiritual experiences this week just because most of my time is spent trying to hold my tongue, but yeah also nothing really that cool happens here in the MTC...just because we don't teach real investigators and we have super restrictive rules about everything
     Actually, on Wednesday, 9/11, I had a really cool experience.  umm Elder McOmber's dad was an FBI agent during 9/11 and I got to read an awesome story about the whole thing, about ground zero and the dump sites, and just everything about 9/11 is just so awesome, the way the country pulled together.  Another tragedy on Tuesday happened, umm my teacher, Sister White, she's a BYU student, her dad died :/ so that was supper sad for us, she hasn't been in yet to teach us since then. but she's the best teacher we have so yeah... so actually i guess this week isn't really going well, like i said in the start but it's whatever.  I'm just trying to worry about me and not be frustrated at others, for these last 2 weeks and then I can focus on the people of The countries I've been called to serve in.  umm yeah that's about it I think i'll be fine with everything. I love you all, stay classy.

                  glhf ggwp ttfn, Starsi Spencer Petersen

PS - First of all why don't you just use the washer downstairs hahaha and I'm just reading my emails right now so I'll get back to you later but my MLG mouse pad the big one with the signatures, can you put it in trash bag or something and lay it flat on top of my computer, I just donºt want it to get ruined by light or get any bends in it, talk to you latter.

September 20, 2013- Week 8

     So this week was alright i guess haha.. our teacher sister white had her last time with us because she's going down to visit her family and go to her dad's funeral in New Mexico. so that was sad, she said she might be back the day before we leave to tell us goodbye. but i don't know if she will be. ummm we get our travel plans today and everyone in my zone is way excited. not me though haha basically it's just a flight itinerary i don't know it's cool i guess, but the thing that i think most people are excited about is that they feel like this is a pr1z0n and the travel plans are like your parole haha so yeah i knew when i was leaving, so yeah not that exciting but kinda. i'll probably send another email later today that says my plans.

      but we also might not get them today that's another reason not to be excited because then when the don't come i won't be super bummed out when we don't.  hahah but yeah. so it looks like we will leave at like 2:30 on monday the 30th so if you want to send me any letters to the mtc like today/tomorrow is the last time probably because i can get mail till like the 27th because the national postal service is closed on saturdays and sundays.  hey mollie you should post the address for my mission home on facebook. yeah. 

     so i'll probably send you a box of things home at the end of this like next saturday i will, oh i have some stuff for you as well bryce, haha yeah you'll see when you get it. hey and you should tell andrew to email me his address at utah state as well (bryce)  because i don't know if he checks his email. 

       umm wow i'm really trying to think of what went on this week.   oh it was so funny so we teach "investigators" (they're our teachers) but 2 starší in my district had a lesson on the law of chastity with their investigator. during the next lesson he told them that he broke up with his girlfriend because of it an they said that there are girls at church that they know that they would hook him up with but the funniest things they meant to say-there's a lot of beautiful women at church- but instead they said - there are a a lot of little cows that he could meet - hahahaha it was so so funny! our teacher just couldn't stop laughing hahaha

     Oh also the coolest thing yesterday! so my friends will probably think this is better than you family but last night i was in the Turkish room playing a game of chess with them like usual and then we just all started reminiscing about dota and team fortress and planetside and starcraft it was awesome, i told them that we met Day[9] and totalbiscut and they were jelly!  haha and then we just talked about the funniest things that we did. like i told them about the 6 pool thing haha funniest story and then i told them all about MLG and they are way jealous hhaah but it was way fun talking about it because like every one else just talks about the cool stuff they do in sports and i'm all like yeah well one time i got an ace in pistol round using a deagle or this one time i killed like a hundred marines in a mass banling land mine, or one time i was natures prophet and i stood on top of the ward spot and farmed (ok every time haha) haha yeah they just don't understand.

      oh elder farley of england was teaching me how to draw... well, he was more teaching me about the dimensions of the face and he went into this long passionate monologue about how drooring (thats how he says drawing in a British accent) books don't teach you how to draw, they teach you how to draw the things in the book. and after watching him, i believe it.  but then i drew a pretty good face, maybe i'll send you a pic.  haha maybe.

     um yeah nothing else to talk about,  besides oh that shooting was really sad...  but yeah sad day.  umm also

         ttfn glhf ggwp, Sláskoe Starší Pítrsen


So, I'm leaving on the September 30th, at 4:30, my flight in SLC is at 8:30am, we fly to Dallas and arrive at 12:20 p.m. then leave for London at 4:45 p.m. and arrive at London at LHR at 7:50 a.m. and then leave London at 10:20 a.m. then, we get to Prague at 1:20 p.m. on October 1st.   So I'll probably call you from Dallas.  like at 1:30 to 2:00, sorry friends but I'm only allowed to call my family.

September 25, 2013

hey, i just got your package, thank you so much for the pictures! and the cards and the speakers!

September 27, 2013 - Week 9

this week. humm well it´s been good, until right now haha no this computer only has a spanish keyboard, it´s rather annoying, like for example look at the little apostrophe ´ that´s just not right.  yeah but this week went rather well, the devotional on Tuesday was probably the best one in the 8 weeks that i´ve been here.  on Wednesday i got a package from you guys so that was good. you sent me a lot of random stuff. and i don´t know if i can fill out all of those thank you cards, i have like no time in these last couple of days.  i´ll try.  umm i´m also going to send a package home.  Oh actually how did i forget this, so on Monday our zone leaders get this notification that´s like, you have to move out of your building by Wednesday rano at 10:30. that sucked. so we all were up way late on Tuesday packing then we moved to this building like 5 buildings away because they are remodeling the building we were living in. so much work.  now i don´t want to unpack but i also need to. uhh so dumb also now we have all 5 czechs in one room. ehh so much suck. then on Thursday we got a notification in the mail that we don´t leave at 4:30 now we leave at 3:35 haha stupido spanish keyboard. anyway so that´s interesting so now we are taking the train to the airport. umm oh and then i got this email , it´s pretty interesting it´s what i´ll be doing next week:

Dear Missionaries

We are sooooooooooooooo excited to be finally meeting you next week.
Here are a couple of tips that will be useful for when you arrive. J

1.       The weather is cooling down a little here right now. Sister Scerra you will most likely need a coat or jacket to be handy to put on when you step out of the airport. Elders will definitely need their suit jackets. You may even need a light jacket over that. It will depend on the day. Perhaps travel with one over your arm so that it is handy if you need it. The weather changes from day to day here in Prague.
2.       President and Sister McConkie will meet you at the airport and then transport you back to the Church Building. Your luggage will remain there while you then go on a “Prague Walk” with the Assistants. You will have dinner in a restaurant in the city.
3.       When you return to the Church Building you will not be taking your suitcases with you to the overnight accommodation. They will remain stored at the Church Building overnight.  Please have ready in your carry-on bag -  a change of underwear and socks, the toiletries you will need, a fresh shirt etc.
4.       The next morning, the Czech Missionaries will go to the Foreign Police to do their Visa Work.  Slovak Missionaries will stay put until they return.
5.       You will then have an Orientation with President and Sister McConkie, meet your companions and go off to your first area.

so yeah until my next pday ttfn love yall  Elder Spencer Petersen

PS - Day 58 - oh and i think i can wrap up my whole mtc experience with my district in one sentence: The only one out of the five other's in my district that appreciates video games, said "I only like blizzard games". yeah well that about sums it up. you'll understand trevor, and bryce, and andrew.

September 29, 2013

Leaving the country for 23 months in 5 hours peace out!! love yall!

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