Monday, August 18, 2014

howdy ho neighbor

Hey everyone so this email is going be focused on a little thing called the Power of Faith in God!

So, a woman who we tracted last week let us in.  She speaks perfect English and told us the story of her life.  This woman is now 78 and she's just so nice.  She sat us down and just told us everything about communism and about how she needed to keep it a secret that she believed in God and on, and on, and on.  She told us her amazing story of how she taught English in this underground railroad, basically.  hahah, Seriously, she was like the czech version of Harriet Tubman. She taught people English in secret (not allowed) and then she prepped them to cross the borders to escape.  It's pretty awesome, the things she did in her life.  Through all this time of hardship, and all these trials, she eventually tells us that she has a testimony that God can help her through her trials and that "no matter what" she said "Never stop believing" this woman was amazing!  She lived through all of these trials and was basically able to stand and say, no matter what, through life, if the whole world is against you, if you'll be punished by death for doing right, even if your own family is against you in what you know to be right, do it anyway and never stop believing in God! This woman is exemplary!  She is someone for all of us to look up to, to strive to be in life!!

so, imma quote Journey on this one, "don't stop believing" and imma also direct you to the end of second Nefi if you want to know the blessings of following this woman's example, and Journey's advice ahaha :)


ps sorry for not sending something last week

pps journey sang that song right? haha

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