Monday, February 16, 2015


So this week i was sick a little i'm better now, but sister McConkie let me sleep through, all my studies and go to bed early (8:30) it was awesome.  i'm better so it worked. 

and since i was sick i just didn't have the best week, nor can i remember it so sorry...

umm i played badminton, and we bought a new apartment it's pretty nice,  haha we'll see who get's to go there next week, me or my companion.  so that'll be fun.

i'm so excited for transfers next week, we'll finally have four missionaries!  that'll be way fun.

anyway i'm really sorry for the shortness of this letter, i'm just still a little under the weather, but today is nice and the sun is shining, The tank is clean... AH THE TANK IS CLEAN!!!

yup have a good week, Peace off.


​Oh congrats to Trevor and Tiffany on the baby thing!! i'm holdin my thumbs!​

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