Monday, July 13, 2015

Oh btw (by the way)

hahaha that was a direct copy and paste from dad's email to me this week haha thank you dad for teaching me what btw means lulz smh...

any way so i was pretty sick this week. on friday i finally got out of the house, it was good, but i was still sick. saturday i was finally almost completely better. 

but it was a fun week. i bet i could literally walk from my bed to the bathroom blindfolded now hahah literally if anyone could guess how many times i went to the bathroom between sunday afternoon and friday, i will buy them a milka bar and bring it home.

oh but i guess i can tell you about 2 weeks ago: so we helped a couple people move. we also got to go to Prahy for training, it was cool, after training, there was this member there in the Prague building and she was a recent convert.  i started talking to her, turns out that a year and a half ago i taught her in Olomouc.  so it was way cool to see that, like i only taught her once but turns out that she felt that something was missing, later down the road, from her life. so she recontacted us and is a member now! 

we got to clean this really pretty Kostel, i spent the whole time singing hymns, some in czech some in english. haha i sang praise to the man.  also this guy came up and he's like, "hey are you mormons?" 
me: and i'm like yeah!
Him: why are cleaning our church?
me: because we like serving people!
Him: yeah but like...
and then he just got confused, it's like he wanted to be mad but we were literally cleaning his church for free, hahahah priceless, then it was like he was trying to get me
Him: well can i come clean your church?
me: yeah actually we're going over there after this if you want to come
Him: no i don't have time for that.

and that is about it, thanks a bunch for the emails and the pictures, i have a request, if you send pictures to me don't send pictures of the mountains. 

that's all thanks!!


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