Monday, November 18, 2013


   So your emails were all so great, that's sad about the Iverson's Mom, i knew Jarrett he was on my tennis team so that's pretty sad that that happened.

   We went to this pretty cool castle church thing last week, that was exciting, it's called Holy Hill in English.  it was pretty cool.  they had these huge doors like freaking huge and i took a video pushing them open like in lord of the rings haha. it was way fun and then there were all of these statues and we posed like them and took pictures

     so today i went to czech costco.  it was pretty awesome not as good as costco though they just don't have bulk here, so it seemed kinda pointless because it was so much food but they were still in their tiny little containers, it kinda seemed pointless hahaa but whatever, it was good to get our shopphold on.  i forgot the coolest part! when we were checking out our total came to exactly 1000 crowns!! it was awesome just to like pull a thousand bill out and just be all like bam there you go cashier lady haha also even when we went to costco (basically) they were still amazed at how much food we buy haha.  i don't think they even know what real shopping is like haha.  like i couldn't even imagine what they would look at you like if you went shopping for the month or even 2 weeks hahah always funny. everyone in here is on facebook :(

     i don't really have any great stories this week so  yeah ...

     umm oh i tried to make rolls, the pan was too small, so they were gross but everyone liked them, but i think they're just being nice because they were seriously dough, like i even told them, i wouldn't eat these, the senior couple was just way impressed though that i made them, and that they were good... but i mean, what's not to like, it's like sugar flour and butter haha.

     oh i went on another exchange this week, oh ok, so my companion, every week we come home from getting groceries, "why do we get so much cereal and milk, i've never bought this much my whole mission" so this week i was like, you are the one who eats so much i probably only eat one bag, we get 4-5 (not the same size as american  bags) so i was like fine, we'll see who eats the most cereal, you can only eat those two and i can only eat these two.  so the next morning, after i get out of the shower, he's like eating his cereal and then he goes and gets some old corn flakes and then has a bowl of corn flakes, and i'm like hey you can't eat corn flakes, that ruins how we can tell, and he's like "no i'm just winning the competition" my reply: "what?! are you an idiot? First of all this wasn't a competition, it was to see who eats more, to prove a point.  and secondly I'm obviously right if you have to cover up the amount of cereal you eat with cornflakes!" smh then later after the exchange he's like elder Weyland ate like a ton of cereal, then later we were talking about it with elder Weland's companion, and he's like, "elder Weyland doesn't eat breakfast" hahaha hahaha ha i'm so right, smh anyway that's my story but i got to go so see yall next week!


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