Monday, November 25, 2013

Dad Gum Smells Like Baptisms

so nothing really that exciting happened this week, umm oh i was going to have a baptism on Friday and then i didn't.  but yeah long story short, the lady we were going to baptize didn't want anyone there at the service, i mean no one. like, she just wanted my companion there to baptize her... and that's it. like not even me... anyway so because of that our zone leader said she's not humble enough.   so yeah like she wouldn't even allow 2 witnesses and she says we never told her that it was a requirement... we totes did. but yeah so that didn't happen...
      umm nothing else super exciting happened this week, oh, but we did have zone conference that was good, got to go to Brno again.  umm and the end of the transfer is next monday so I'll get a new companion, so my current companion is going home and he keeps saying, like, " this is the last week of the transfer" to my district and every time, i say, the last week of the mission... it's pretty funny he always gets mad at me but oh well.

     i really don't have anything to talk about the rest of the week was pretty boring, we taught some people we contacted.  sooh oh oh i know what happened, so there are all of these houses they've built in the middle of the Náměstí and they have like all of these little shops in them yeah it's way cool. well i don't have any time left so, See you later. but yeah i'll write a letter next week about thanksgiving.


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