Monday, May 11, 2015

I actually told you everything yesterday...Mother's Day

No i'm just kidding, I still got things to say,

actually I have this way funny story I forgot to tell you yesterday, haha and by funny I mean not funny at all. so two nights ago right before we went to bed our carbon monoxide detector went off.  that was a riot haha.  so we called our president, he said that we just should make sure all the batteries are good then open the windows, so we did, then we turned the detector back on and it didn't go off all night. so, then we woke up in the morning and i'm not dead. but I have been living in fear for the past 2 nights. so that hasn't been mentally taxing whatsoever.

besides that, umm church went well yesterday. I led for the first time, it was pretty terrifying, somehow I got everyone singing the right songs and the speakers to go in the right order, so all is well that ends well. umm also yesterday we went over to one of our recent converts houses and my companion skyped with his family (I didn't want to because i'll see you soon) but while he did that I may or may not have watched the Czech vs German match of the hockey world cup and it may or may not have been awesome. The Czech Republic won (4-2). 

any way that's about it for my week. random fact that I learned this week McDonalds was started by a Czech guy from Plzen.

Thanks for all the support and emails!

Peace off!


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