Monday, May 18, 2015

farmer tan, on my neck and arms...

yeah I got pretty burned picking weeds on Saturday for 5 hours. but it was ok in the end.

on Friday and Thursday the APs came and stayed with us so that was pretty fun. nothing super exciting happened during correlation like last Thursday...

Wednesday we went to Trebic, that is always good,

Yesterday we made cookies for everyone in our apartment building which was super fun, haha people were so confused why we were giving them cookies, the looks on their faces hahaha priceless. we also made some for some of the recent converts that we teach, and they loved them! and what's not to love, butter, sugar, more sugar and flour, oh and chocolate. like, what more is there to happiness?

oh last Monday we went to the zoo, there were these otters, I petted them, one bit me haha, I got it on video... good times haha.

the weeks are counting down, I have what... 16 left, i'm not quite sure but time is short so I have to pick it up to finish the work at hand.

have a great week see you next Monday, thanks for all the emails!


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