Monday, December 8, 2014

Meh...Oh More...

the week went well.

it's really cold here.

have a good one.


haha just kidding, the week did go well here though, we're super successful.
Craziest thing happened last week, on Monday we had this insane adventure!!
i'll tell you about it when i get home.

so the rest of the week was pretty good though.  They had St Nikolas Day here, and there's like this Santa guy, and he walks around with these terrifying devils and an angel, and then they go door to door as previously requested and they knock on the door, and if the parents say the kids have been good, then they get candy from the angel and if the kid has been bad, the terrifying devil takes them in a big bag, then paints their face with charcoal. hahahah it's awesome!

what else happened, nothing much, I was kinda sick so i don't remember a bunch and it seems like this week lasted forever (because i was sick)

but it sounds like everything is going well for all of you guys, kinda. so keep it up!!

oh man i bet you're all going to read this email and then read the one i already sent LAME, well whatever

Christmas is in three weeks! yay!

have a good one, here's a scripture from the bible that i read today:
2nd Sam 12:7 "And Nathan said unto David, THOU ART THE MAN!"
hahah yeah the bible's great.

hej, stay postive!!
And everyone remember the real meaning of Christmas this season and be nice to others, ok!

Peace off!


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