Monday, December 15, 2014

Day 500

​so that's pretty cool, day 500 exactly, that's like a pretty big stone.

yeah so this week was pretty warm.

we had a pretty good week, we just had a ton a lessons. we also went shooting and to a winery, that was a crazy night!! haha no just kidding we actually didn't shoot any guns (that's against the rules) but that's just a super long story that end's with me meeting the retired first lady of the Czech Republic while standing in a bar, while a whole bar full of people asked us questions about being a missionary... long story, not enough time.  Maybe i'll tell yáll about it when i get home, or on Christmas, or some time.

but this week was pretty good.  all in all, just gearing up for Christmas.  we just have so much to do.  we're getting so tired here. in other news  we've got to meet some really cool members lately.  also, we went to a traditional Christmas music festival put on by a school, it was really good.

also, we went to this super awesome bible study with 7DAs.  The Pastor asked me why i believe the way i do, and what led me to that.  so i got to basically have the floor and speak for like 10 mins to like 15 people about my conversion story, super cool.

someone just called, i have to go teach a lesson right now bye.


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