Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Early Transfers!!

So one of my companions got a call from president yesterday morning, and he moved to Jičín today! so that was pretty exciting.  Yup.

Also my birthday was yesterday!! i was so excited! i made a german pancake! it was so freaking good, we didn't have any syrup though, so i went with the healthier side of things and melted a chocolate bar and had that on it instead, it was good.  I got some amazing presents also from my friends here! so cool! opening those in the morning was probably the highlight of my week! they were just amazing!

Then i had a baptizm this week, well not me but i went to one from my old area, it was so awesome, this kid (23) was just so amazing, like when asked if he knows it's true he was just like no. i don't. but i believe most of it is true and what i don't believe is true i want it to be so badly so his missionaries promised him that everything that he doesn't know when he is baptized he'll gain a testimony of. And he did. and his baptism was so awesome and so spiritual for him, so was his confirmation at church! Really, just cool.

the rest of my week besides those three, points wasn't as important or exciting so yeah but i did go to Prague, so that was good, i also got my visa so i'm legal now.  Also i had zone conference, we watched a video, go watch it right now, it's called Because of Him ​it's in czech* and english, and it's like literally 3 mins and it's just amazing! so go check it out, but seriously go watch it guys.

but that's all for today thanks all for the birthday wishes, and for the presents!!! they were amazing!!!

Love you all,



*(Mom note - I can't find the Czech translation of the video link... I'll work on it.)

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