Monday, May 12, 2014

Oh hey i forgot...

So i forgot to tell you all yesterday when i called for mother's day,  
we had a baptism on saturday!! 
yeah! so that was way cool! anyway i thought you guys might want to know

The rest of the week was kinda average, well for missionary work.  we talked to people, we had meetings, atd. umm yeah i don't really have much to say, ... well yup, i don't know. 

Oh, so we were going to go teach this guy, and he's from austria and for like 20 minutes i was trying to say his name correctly and i wasn't apparently because my swiss companion was just like, "no it's not hugler, it's hugler..."  i'm just like we're all saying the same thing josh!! haha yeah but that's like the best story i have from the week hahah i'm pretty boring i guess.

but the baptism was good so that's pretty cool.

that's pretty much it for this week, i'm sorry guys i don't have any other stuff.

but hey, this is what i do have to say,  God exists. Thomas Spencer Monson is a prophet. This church is the only fully true church on the earth today. The knowledge I have of these 3 things is all that's important. If you don't know these three things for yourself, send me an email.


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