Monday, May 5, 2014


so for the 5th of may today we celebrated by going out to a fancy restaurant but i can't upload pictures from it because i am doing something with my camera and external drive so sorry, but needless to say it was dang good and 500 crowns so also for a missionary and for czech in general it was pretty expensive but that's ok i can eat bread and cornflakes and rice for the rest of the month!! haha but seriously. no but seriously now that we have 2 companions we can eat better food for cheaper because we can buy in bulk...  haha who am i kidding this is europe there is no bulk haaha they don't even have a gallon of milk here lulz.  for you europeans that'd be like a little less than 4 liters in one container haha crazy right?

well now trevor is talking to me so i can't focus on what i'm writing where was i? oh yeah and then we were in the nike store and there was this sick green hoodie i want it so bad oh oh oh while i'm on the subject for my birthday if you've already sent a package thank you so much if you don't send a package that's fine to but if you are still going to i don't need any food. it's really good and i enjoy it but i have a lot of like candy and food here and i feel like i don't have as much of a 6 pack as i use to :( so don't worry though Coach Mac was my tennis coach and i know how to do ab workouts. oh yeah back to my birthday though, if you guys could get me a Team liquid shirt that'd be so cool, just because here the mascot of the city is a blue horse and if you don't know what team liquid is just ask andrew.  and nothing like fancy just t shirt but other than that for my birthday i don't really want anything i'm fine.

so i wrote a list of things to tell you this time so i wouldn't forget again, team liquid, czech.

PMG are you guys reading pmg like they told you to at last conference, if not repent and do better.

i wrote the word peace on my list but now i can't remember.

So we had this meeting with a woman in my branch who hasn't been coming to church in a while and she started talking to us about the people in our church, and at first i was like oh no someone offended her because they were being judgmental... ok here we go.  but then it totally flipped around and she just started crying and was telling us how great the members of our church are and how nonjudgmental they are and how loving and kind they are and how they always overlook each other's downfalls with the true love of Christ to love each other... and it's so true, we in this church do just care about everyone, no matter what religion if you break the commandments or are  a liar or belong to another faith everyone is a child of God and it's so amazing that we have that knowledge and are able to oversee everyone's downfalls and view them as something higher.  it reminds me of a poem.  I was going to write it but i forgot how the start goes, i'll send it next week.  But it's just amazing the amount of charity that the hearts of the people in our church have, in czech charity is said pravá láska (true love) so try to keep true love in your hearts because it goes noticed, when we were meeting with this woman she was pointing out some of the things that we do that i didn't even realize we do, but it's because we are trying to be full of charity.

     From that lesson though, i've learned that this church has the best and nicest people none of us are perfect but we're all trying to be, and it's amazing, we don't have to tear down others to make ourselves higher we just have to love everyone so that everyone is higher and i know that we do in this church and it's so amazing to me

so i'll see you all next week, have a good one. umm oh and i'll call yall next week at 6 from my skype account or maybe face time. at 10:00 in the morning for you.

-Spencer Edman Petersen

ps sorry for the bad spelling this time this computer only has a czech and russian spell checker.

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