Monday, June 9, 2014


I got transferred to Zlin today!  so that's cool it's really hot today so i can't focus like it's like 33 Celsius 91.4 Fahrenheit , and it's humid here.

This week went so well though, it was a good week to blind out on, at first my companion was getting trunky and i was like, hey you're getting trunky and he's like, no i'm not, and i'm like yeah i had two other companions go home and yes you are.  After that he was just way focused missionary work all the time, because when i said he's getting trunky i think he realized how in a few days when he goes home he wont be a full time missionary and he didn't want to waste any of his remaining time here at all because he knows how important the work we do is and he knows how much it can change lives and how much it matters for people to know about.  What we do here as missionaries is so dang important, i don't think anyone who hasn't served a mission can fathom it, that's probably why the guy in general conference said that every member should read preach my gospel and I also told you guys to, so if you haven't' started yet, do it. because it's important, it will strengthen your testimony 10 fold like it has mine and then when the time arrives to share the gospel with someone, you'll have something to say, the spirit will guide you in the words which you speak, and you will be able to stand and testify of Truth.

     For those of you who don't completely have a testimony of something pertaining to salvation, and you're searching, go and pick yourself up a copy, of preach my gospel (Kažte evangelium mé) from pretty much any member should have one and, read the first few chapters and study them and you will gain a testimony of what you need to do and you will be testified to by the Holy ghost the things which you desire to know, of any testimony that is lacking in order to progress in the gospel or to progress personally.

The knowledge that i've learned from this book, paired with the scriptures is so immense i couldn't even begin to explain it to you all.


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