Monday, June 30, 2014

Well, the good news is: there is no bad news

SO hi all, how're yall doing?

Umm this week was pretty dang good, i got some interdental tooth brushes and my gums no longer bleed when i use them and they are just awesome, shout out to my czech dentist for suggesting them!!

nothing else actually last monday when we were sitting in the courtyard of a zamek a peacock ate out of my hand, so that was crazy hahaha

also this week this lady totally blew us off when we were talking to her, she was just like "your czech is (an adjective) but i don't have time goodbye" so i'm like to my companion "what was that word she just used?"  "she just said our czech was aweful like really bad!" (he was so mad about it like he wouldn't let it go for the next 20 mins: "i can't believe how rude that was!") so i wrote down this word that she used and latter during dinner i looked it up, "marvelously splendid" hahah like literally the most beautiful adjective ever haha my companion was so mad about it the entire day hahah it was so funny.

that's all for this week, i hope you guys have fun at girls camp and at Camp loll, you should prank the younger girls mollie did i just type that? haha yeah you seriously should though haha, anyway have a great week everyone!!


 so i just read my blog, the companion things are all wrong so here you go

mtc: Dan McOmber, Brady Cowley

trainer: Heleman de Angelis

follow up trainer: Paul Hansen

olomouc: Taylor Pearce

ostrava privos: Brandon Benson, Grant Esser

ostrava mills: Grant Esser

ostrava dubina: Sascha Prohaska, John Prymak

zlin: Morgan Talbot

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