Monday, June 23, 2014

What a Week

This week was good, probably one of the better weeks of my mission, we went to Prague earlier this week, but in order to get there in time i got to stay in Olomouc, it was fantastic getting to return, but the coolest thing happened, when i was getting off the train at Olomouc, my favorite investigator ever was standing right there on the train platform waiting for her train to go home.  it was so cool, i got to talk to her for like 10 mins before she had to go.  it was so amazing.  to give you a better perspective, this was the girl who i talked about in my last week in Olomouc, she's amazing!

So then i got to stay in my old flat, in Olomouc north, it was cool to be back. so in the morning the 4 of us went to Prague, i lost my scriptures and preach my gospel on the train.  so that'd be great if you guys could buy me a new triple, i already have a bible, just black standard size, i was going to do it myself but it cost more to ship it here than to buy it, so i didn't want to do that.  after that we had our training, a general authority came, that's why we had it in Prague.  it was an awesome training, During it one of the sister missionaries who was a professionally trained musician sang "I stand All Amazed" it was so beautiful, easily the best part of the training by far. Jesus Christ, really did die for us, he really is our Lord and savior, it is wonderful to me.

the rest of my week here in Zlin went well, we had game night on saturday, it was so cool, i played the branch president in Ping Pong, he's so good, it was really fun the branch here is way cool.
the next day yesterday, we had a missionary farewell here it was so good, we had support from a lot of members from Brno, that was really cool, oh and the girl, she's going to London, England on her mission, really awesome!

well that's all for this week, congrats to Trevor and Tiffany

umm sorry for not posting something on my blog last week, well not my fault, i did write an email haha but have a great week!!    (mom's posted now.  It was a crazy week!)

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