Monday, November 10, 2014

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This week was fantastic, but nothing huge is sticking out to me right now hahah, ummm yeah really though nothing ....

hold on....

ok lets see,,, monday went to a sick castle.

tuesday, sang happy birthday to myself for oskar. also on monday we found a guy named oskar and set up for tuesday with him haha how ironic.

wednesday... nothing. cool. ummm we actually had an investigator teach us the restoration haha it was fantastic!

thursday. nic

IT"S FRIDAY FRIDAY GOTTA GET DOWN ON FRIDAY>... yeah we made up some czech words for that song. we went to a cool worship service.

saturday. nothing huge. solidified baptizm plans in 2 weeks with an investigator

sunday, 30 mins late to church... whoops hahaha no just kidding we were helping someone come from the bus station so it's all good. the branch is so cool here though, they were trying to wait for us. it was cool

that's my week put into 8 senteces (giver take)

have a good one, sorry this isn't that long and thought out.   i was busy talking with my long lost sister.


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