Monday, November 3, 2014

Day 459

so birthdays are fun. everyone has one birthday left before i get home, that's pretty cool.  
this week was pretty alright, pretty good. we went to Brno and thats always way cool.  also, we had some obviously great meetings and stuff with people. it's so cold here though, holy crap it's cold, like it's super humid, and so, although the temperature is not super cold, the ice misting air is just freezing! but whatever it's super fun.
umm yeah not a whole lot actually happeded this week, somthing super cool that did happen...

we went to a baptism, IN A POND!! it was so cold, like for realz, really, really cold. it was just super cool! 

also this weekend, an awesome investigator that i taught for 6 months in Olomouc was baptized on halloween, IN A RIVER!! like for realz? a river? but afterwards she was telling her current missionaries that although the water was so cold, she just felt so warm... that's amazing, baptism is just awesome! 
the Holy Ghost is so powerful!  

yeah everything else this week just pales in comparison to these two baptisms, so i don't really care to write about anything else. 

So... have a great week, and until next week, peace off!


P.S. someone in their last email said "now i know that you read my emails" of course i read your emails! i read all of the emails (except for your's trevor, when your dad sends them in a pack of 5 haha but i do skim at least hahah) but yes i read all the emails, and thanks for them all.

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