Monday, January 5, 2015

Pherb I Know what we're going to do today!

so I wish I knew what we were going to do today hahah we have nothing on plan, because it's p-day hahah, so yeah I'm going to follow up!

Who set goals? for the new year? to prove to everyone that 10 is not a huge amount of goals I set 30, and I planned how I'm going to achieve every single goal! so you guys should be able to manage at least a tenth of that and get 3 measly goals....haha
anyway the week went great.  this week we had multiple fun things happen, we were informed that 2 more elders are coming into Jihlava at the end of the transfer so we get to start looking for a new apartment. then I got to go to Brno and our baptismal candidate was interviewed, so that was super cool! then later we had the new years whoo hoo!! we watched Popelka (Czech Cinderella) and Sul Nad Zlato (just another Czech fairytale) then we had these huge hamburgers and we watched fireworks from our balcony. there was so many! more than last year

then we had p day the next day, so dumb, literally every single thing in the whole city was closed, even the mall.

then we got to go to Trebic the next day!!  I taught our district about making goals and we all shared our new years resolutions, my companion's goals and mine were kinda trunky because we're going home this year hhahaha

then the next day we had a baptism!!! dope.

then Sunday, testimony meeting in church, it was pretty good. then we taught Sunday school.

pretty good week.

super long, oh it finally is snowing!

well, I hope you all have a good week get done with those goals!!


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