Monday, January 12, 2015

January Showers....

hahah so the other day, the 10th of January, it was sunny and 14 degrees (Celsius) quite ridiculous.

this week was good i'm just going to write one experience that was super cool.

so we're teaching this guy for a while, with my last companion until now, and we have taught him like 3 times right? so this meeting we get in there and my new comp, he's like "so did you read in the book of mormon" then George, is like "no. i didn't have time but i already read it"my comp: "like the whole thing"
George:"yeah like a while ago"
my comp: "do you believe it's true"
George: ├┐eah of course"
Me: "so if you believe why aren't you baptized?"
George: "I am baptized."
Me: "with us?" (makes more sense in Czech)
George: "yeah! like 15 years ago"

Me and my companion: ... *speechless*

it was really cool, then he told us his conversion story. it was awesome, but i know that we were led to this man by God.  He's looking after us. He really is.


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