Monday, January 19, 2015

Cold Winter Days in Jihlava

Today I read this talk, I think you should all take 20 mins and read it.

It's the words of Gordon B. Hinkley.  If you say you don't have time to read it, reorganize your priorities and read it, because it's more important than Facebook and Netflix.  And CoD and Dota.

Anyway this isn't going to be the longest, but this week was great.  We went to Brno, then I went on Exchange in Trebic it was fun! we did a lot of English finding as well, we are getting more and more people to our English class so that's good!

Nothing really new with me... umm this week went by pretty fast. we had a lot of work, for the start of the new year so it was good.  today we got rid of this mold problém it was crazy! so yeah we had a good time though trying to take that down from the ceiling. I also started the bible again today! but yeah humm now i'm just rambling sorry...

That's really all I got.  Be more caring for others! it really does make all the difference in so many ways!


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