Wednesday, April 15, 2015


konference was good. we had a meal between sessions on saturday as a branch and it was pretty cool, the members just love american food, (prolly cause its full a butter and sugar) so alas now i have to translate the recipie for rolls into czech smh... haha

the rest of the week went pretty well, we had the opportunity to go to a soccer game on saturday which was way fun, went with the six of us missionaries and 4 of the ysa here in Jihlava so that was super cool... we lost though. 

i'm having a hard time remembering what we did last week because i left my planner... umm we had nothing much last week besides that, just preping for confernce and everything so yeah, but the work is stilll pushing along and even speeding up so it's really cool to see that people want goodness in there life, i feel like everyone really longs for the gospel, but the pull of the few who control the media make it seem like it's the uncool thing to do, and since there is no more honor in today's day people can't do what makes them happy if it's uncool, because they care to much which is sad.

well last message for the week, general konference was pretty clear this time, get married and be morally clean!

Peace off!

tl;dr watched konference, a soccer game, and peer-presure is bad.


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