Wednesday, April 8, 2015


yeah so sorry i didnt' email on time, on Easter here everything is closed and the library is again closed on tuesday just because so hence i email today. but i have not much time, because the other elders here need our help teaching because one of them is sick.

​but yeah the week went well umm konference sounded good, i think it's hilarious that people opposed the general authorities haha so pitiful ​

Easter went super great we went around and did this cool Czech tradition and if you remind me next Easter i'll tell you all about it. but because i'm short on time...

i got to go on Exchange with 2 elders who i am king over haha i mean district leader over it was a good time, the elders in Trebic are great. 

maybe if we come back here i'll have more things to write but time is short for me so for now hasta lavista baby,.


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