Monday, April 20, 2015



so we got transferred!! i'm staying here in Jihlava, (you pronounce the J like a Y and the I like ee and the A like a dentist would make you) but yeah my new companion is from Mississippi so that's pretty cool, also yesterday I was made 1st counselor of the branch here in Jihlava, so that's pretty cool, i'm pretty excited to help out more around here!

Its kinda weird though, now that I'm a first counselor it's like a thing now, like I was in the Sunday School class for the youth, and usually we'd just go unnoticed if we were in a class like that. but the teacher was like "and i'd like to welcome Elder Petersen from the branch presidency we're glad to have his presence"

but it's also kinda cool because we'll have some general authorities come through so i'm hoping that i'll get to be in some leadership meetings with them that'd be cool.

other than that though, we had a pretty average week honestly. so i'm sorry If my emails are getting more and more boring like I've been here for 7 months about and so not that i'm in a rut but like nothing really new happens that much. I almost got in a fight hahah this guy, who was probably on something, was trying to convince me he was Jesus so I just agreed with him but he could obviously tell that I didn't believe it. haha it was nuts but yeah nothing happened.  

anyway love you all! good luck with the baby thing Trevor and Tiffany! oh and hey everyone, missions are important so go on one!


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