Monday, October 7, 2013

Have a Little Faith, Elder

Day 70

Ok, first things first, your emails... K so i have an hour and a half of email time and so i read all of your emails and then i send emails but it takes forever to read them all.  They were all enjoyable but wow like, all of them were the same. like, you all told me about conference weekend and about tiffany and sammi and john and so yeah maybe try and coordinate what your telling me hahah. but they were all good.

     Now for your questions and things.  All - "O" - Moats. Olomouc.

     The flight was long, I didn't watch a movie because i could see everyone else's tv's and they weren't so i felt like i shouldn't, although i did intently watch all of the screens around me, so i watched oblivion, and superman, someone in front of me watched juno twice..., i watched the call, and star trek 2 it was a good flight. superman was the best because it had so much fighting and i got the story without the sound, also oblivion.  The plane we were on was so nice, also we were the first people to use it. it was hecka nice, the first class... you wouldn't even believe.
     the food here is good and cheap you can eat for like 3 dollars a good meal, so far, i've had fried cheese (it's a thing), trite (sheep's stomach soup) it was good,  They have this stuff called Kofola and it's the communist version of coka-cola and it tastes like black liqurishe, all of the missionaries love it, it's alright, kinda gross but everyone says i'll love it.  the first czech meal i had was Svíčková, it's like bread and soup and meat, it's awesome, umm  they have this cereal here that is so good, it's basically like they took granola and then just put chocolate in it haha it's way good. umm other than that we've just made a lot of pasta and rice.

    My companion is way cool, he's Italian and he's really funny.  He's also amazed when i tell him about Utah and America. like, how if you stand on the point of the mountain you can see 6 temples, and how if you walk from my house in any direction you can get to a church in like 10 mins, his mind was blown.  He's way impressed by me though, first of all because i've corrected some of the older missionaries on there czech grammar.  haha yeah, secondly that I understand what's going on in a lesson. but he was so impressed, like 20 mins after we were companions we went over to the metro and while we were switching trains I saw this guy wearing my tennis shoes, so i'm all like "Mam rad Vas boty, Vy play tennis?" and then he's like "oh yeah i do", in like broken english because he could tell i wasn't czech. and then I started talking to him a bit more about why he was here and stuff and then he asked us why we were here and then my companion took over because the guy was having a hard time in english. Any way so we get off the subway and we're walking to the train and the guy is standing looking at the train schedule board. So i take out this prauge pass along card that i had for this type of situation. and give it to him and tell him if he has any more questions that he can look up on the internet or call the missionaries here in Prague.  so he was like yeah ok.  Any way my trainer was just like blown away that i did that before him and stuff he's like told all of the missionaries the zone leader, the mission president. yeah so that was good i guess.  But yeah he's cool. he's a little bit afraid to set to high of goals though, like today we were setting goals on how many of our investigators we could baptize this transfer and he was like 1 maybe 2 and i sat there for a second thinking about it and i'm like, 4 and he's like (Italian accent) "eleder we have to set goals tat we can obtain 4 is way to high"  yeah we argued about that for like 15 mins, but well not like an angry argument, but more like a discussion and eventually i won by using the scriptures. haha, and i was all like, in the book of mormon they just went and stood in the middle of the city and said, You all need to be baptized! and then that day they had 8000 baptisms haha and then i was like we have 9 weeks to baptize 4 people i think we can do it.  and then he's like "I don't know how we can dooo it"  and i was like "faith is not to have a perfect knowledge of things, Have a little faith elder" yeah then he's like ok we can do 4 and I was all like how bout 5! and he's like, no.

    We don't get to watch conference till this Sunday. because they need to translate it.
    In the Czech republic there is no stake so therefore no wards. My branch is kinda small but it's fine. the building is above a bakery and a "vit pit" umm yeah it's pretty good.
     So this was a long email, and i don't have anymore time, i have stuff to do but yeah it's awesome here. oh and yeah i did place a book of mormon in heathrow.  well i'll tell you more later.  ttfn glhf ggwp love yall,

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