Monday, October 28, 2013

So Sick Vylet Today....

so yeah we went on a cool trip today with the branch I'll put in a picture or two, umm also this week...umm yeah i don't know nothing really great happened, umm nope, don't know like the wow, I'm really drawing blank. 

wow i seriously sat here for three minutes.

umm yeah so yesterday we call up this way cool girl who was going to get baptized in a few weeks and were all like, hey are you coming to family home evening tomorrow and she's like, "no, i'm going to Switzerland." what? seriously i don't even know... haha

umm we cooked a lot of eggs this week. it reminded me of home haha like we went through 30 eggs wow but we did eat pancakes a lot. oh that's what i was going to write you about. so can you email me some recipes i don't think i spelled that right, (the instructions for making different kinds of foods) any way for our pancakes, umm casseroles ok ya know what spelling is hard ok.  rolls.  and just anything, maybe some instructions for fried rice Trevor, that'd be great. oh some noodle dishes yeah but they have the worst cook books in these apartments, except for elder bailey who has an Americans homes cook book. but yeah the cook book we have is like the stupidest cook book, it's called like "where's my mom now that i need her" and it's supposedly designed (i'm sorry ok.)  for college students and it's like "add one can of beans or whatever and then half a packet of instant soup mix..." it's like really if that's all college students can understand i'm sad for the future of the world. oh and funeral potatoes yeahh. also can you get like a recipe...instruction list... for cookies Mollie

and that's all folks i really don't have anything to say but here's a pic, oh and hope you had fun in boston fam.

Church, Yeah, Way Cool

well there will be more next week but for now, ttfn glhf ggwp love yall!

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