Monday, October 21, 2013

So Zeah

Umm nothing really happened this week, yesterday i made a video of my apartment and i didn't bring my camera on accident so i cant send it to you :( but i can tell you it was good. 

     Coolest thing ever this week, so i lied before when i said nothing happened, I went on an exchange this week, and we were contacting in the park, but then we had to walk down this main'sh road for a bit and we hear some sirens in the distance, like coming towards us and we see these vans that say police on the side coming toward us, and then they pass us, so there was like 6, 15 person vans, they were all full police in full body armor, with guns and masks and helmets it was so cool then like 30 seconds later this ambulance passes us without its lights and sirens on following the cops, so i turn to elder weyland and i'm like, "you know what that means right?... shoot to kill" yeah it was way cool. 

so then also after that when were were contacting this lady comes up to us and she was collecting money for the blind because it was international blind day and so we're like oh sorry we're missionaries we can't donate and she's like wait, like Mormons? and were like yeah, and she says, "oh, i've read your book" and I'm like wait, the book of Mormon, and she's all like "no, Jesus the Christ".... SHE READ JESUS THE CHRIST! like what the heck? i haven't even read that book!! and she's all like yeah i have it in Spanish, but do you have it in Czech? so this lady from Spain is speaking to us in English and asking us if she has Jesus the Christ in Czech... i feel so inadequate.  Anyway, so that was nuts.

     Wow are you freaking kidding me, someone knocked over a hoodoo... they should get a prison sentence.  that's defacing a national monument, that'd be like if you like broke the nose off of Washington at mount Rushmore or if you carved something into a redwood, or if you knocked down landscape arch because it's unsafe, that's such bull crap. wow  idiots.

     boston huh, hey also right when you get this make sure and put money on my debit card, i asked president to email you because he was like "hey do you need me to do anything", in an interview, but i don't think he did. because i think one of you would've told me about it. any way so yeah hopefully you read this when you wake up so that i can buy a coat today.

     Someone mailed you your phone... irl smh hahaahahah

     So again, we go to go tracting, and so we come up to the first pana-lak (communist apartment buildings) and we are hitting the buttons hoping someone will let us in so we can knock on doors and then this lady walks up, so we haven't even knocked on one door and she's all like "do you guys need to get in?" and were like yeah that be great, and she's like what are you doining here?" so we say "oh were missionaries can we come share with you our message for 5 mins?" "sure" so we go in and teach this lady for like 45 mins and she gives us this cake, and she's a pro chef so it was de-lish and then she's like "can I give you my number, so we can meet again?" "CAN I" "I" she offered us her number so we can meet with her again, yeah so i don't know why everyone thinks trackting is the worst, we would go trackting all the time if we had time to between lessons, (we usually only have time to go contacting or we need to eat)

   So yeah pretty good week  i hope you send me money. glhf ggwp ttfn


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