Monday, October 14, 2013

Who were the missionaries...

  So this is day 76 and so i just had this realization that that means i'm 10 percent done with my mission.

     also sorry but there is no apostrophe so if i hit this § key it was supposed to be an apostrophe.

     So this week has been good, A lot of travel, we went to Brno which is the second biggest citz in cyech oh my gosh freaking y z are switched!  but yeah so the trip was pretty cool we had a bunch of training and stuffs.

     Then we got to finally watch conference this weekend. it was really good. umm a huge thing i got from it was that, 1st of all I don§t mean to sound rude... but yeah imma be rude, the missionaries in our stake and city are just awful. there, i said it. this is why, i don§t even know who they are, yeah not one of them.  and i was a ward missionary! that's freaking pathetic! the members in a ward or branch are the biggest tool that missionaries have! every single lesson we have we are trying to get a member to come to and befriend the people there, before my mission i literately had the calling of being that member and i didn't even know who the missionaries were! Every member should know the missionaries and likewise it should be visa-verso! the more members you know the more people you have to choose from when you need someone to sit in on a lesson! and the saints in Utah are strong in there beliefs. they know how missionary work works, i don't know, i'm just frustrated is all. but seriously they need to step it up that's all i'm saying... but yeah that was kinda rude... oh well it's the truth... just like elder Uchtdorf said, people are ready to put their faith into action, they are ready and they want to! when you are living in a place where the saints don't have to take a train for 45 minutes to teach with you, you should know who they are and they the same.... you should give this to the missionaries, they don't realize how blessed they are. sure they have there own challenges but really they can do it.

    so about your emails, they were pretty good, so i was thinking, with the 3,2,1 thing that the stake is doing so as a family, you should do what one of the speakers was talking about, with the "Family missionary pool" thing, yeah that was pretty cool. umm also, mollie you should check your email, and it's also for oskar.  Jumbotron, that's pretty cool. your stake conference seemed interesting, having the guy come around with a mic and choosing people to speak, that's pretty cool! Umm yeah boring crap is really interesting to me.

    so this week was pretty good, yeah.  

    haaha no, i was just going to leave it at that but i have to expand i guess, so czech people are so impressed that i'm trying to learn czech, it's really funny, they're all super nice about it, like all of them, even if they're not interested in the gospel, they are always like, in broken English "Czech is hard huh?"  haha yeah it is.  

umm i don't have much to write about, like the week was busy but now it's becoming more routine.  but yeah still fun! so for next week i think i'll make another video and show you my apartment it's interesting, i finally get what uncle Brian was saying about the toilets in Hungary, yeah that's weird.  umm yeah till next week, sorry my whole email was getting mad about the missionaries in ogden they probably do hard work.  oh well now i spent so much time writing it, i'm not deleting it.

oh also, trevor, you need to speak to every single person you see! I wish i could, you're blessed to be speaking english in your mission so use it to your advantage! you should never let someone walk by you without talking to them, just like it says in preach my gospel, they were put in your path so open your mouth...  ok that all for realz,  Love Yall!

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