Monday, January 13, 2014


nothing reallz that exciting this week, hmmm on wednesdaz we had group contacting for our english class and in 3 hours we got 51 numbers! zaz! i§m to layz to take off the cyech kezboard so haha zour going to have to deal with it haha

umm other than that nothing reallz on wednesdaz  we had on plan to teach adam and eva haha but thez reschedualed i§m just reallz tired so i§m not going to correct that spelling haha

but hmmm zeah ...oh, last p daz, we§re going up to this Kostel (kathederal) and this guz who§s a bum, (a russian bum) comes up to me and the other 3 elders in our district and hes asking for monez and we plaz the stupid american who cant speak cyech haha so funnz then he like sees our tag and starts to explain God to us  haha it was funnz he goes over to this wall and starts zelling at it and being like "zou got the right side and the left side..." then we just kept walking.

ok nother storz about bumms haha now that i§m on this subject so in this citz the bumms we§ve been watching them, thez all are in this like bum core, and theres like leaders and all these like interseting things that thez do, ok, so this is how it works, thez have two people go out and start begging, while the rest are in the center of the náměstí  (town square), so these two get some monez and then the boss comes around, they§re all kinda scared of the boss, so he comes around gets the monez and then goes to the little liquor store next to the church building and gets some alchol and then they all three go back to the center of the náměstí and two more come out to beg while the rest all drink the alchol, this isnt all though because they§re getting bigger, the little cult of bums and the leader is losing his power (at least that§s what it seems like) and there§s these two other guzs who want to be the boss because their noobs who want power over the bum coalition (spelling) so any way the other daz we had a lunch break at the building and we§ve realiyed that these bums are waz bigger than thez used to be, (there§s like 20 now) and also not all of the bums in the citz are with them, like guitar bum, chich and chong, and the bum who comes to sacrament meeting arent in their little bum cartel.  and also i think that dog bum got kicked out because he didn§t want to give all the monez for alchol. but zeah the problem with the bums though is that all the times at night thez get more angrz and violent because thez§re more drunk bz then and one of these times a zoung ladz or a mom and her kid or an old person is going to be walking bz and thez are going to be like, "zou have monez?" and thezll saz no and the drunk bums will get all violent and seriouslz hurt, gang rape or kill someone and that§s what its going to take to make pan handling against the law here but hopefullz that doesnt happen, at least the bums have wised up and have stoped asking us for monez because we can§t give them any so zeah whatevs but that is the soap opera of "the real bum lives of olomouc city"

​ps happz birthdaz tiffanz.

čůs​ (its like german choos)


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