Monday, January 20, 2014

new ping pong paddle

hey, so i got a new ping pong paddle today, yeah.

so it sounds like you guys are doing great at home hopefully you are at least! how is the snow, we skipped winter here :( like seriously no snow, and it only went into the negatives a few times.  but it was an extremely hot summer apparently so yeah its fine. oh we're having a ping pong tournament for a finding idea so that's why i got a new paddle but it's so sick, I'm totally going to tear it up, but there's these kids who are like high schoolers and they are just fantastic at the game so they'll probably win haha.  but we keep inviting all the asians here, so i think we'll have some pretty intense competition. 

      hmmm ummm that's weird hmmm is a word but ummm is not. lets see, i forgot my planner because it's in my other coat and i had to wear my rain coat umm humm, well this week we went tracting in the college dorms and we spit the true word of Christ in Czech and English to this ridiculous Slovak girl who was like "Jesus was the last prophet and the new testament is fake but the old testament is the only true thing, the new testament was written to fit the old testament" when she said that... like if you woulda had a picture of me and elder hansen's faces... priceless. but yeah we testified of our brother Joseph and Mosiah and totally threw down her ridiculous ideas like "Abraham didn't believe in Christ" with scripture and testimony  bam! pow! but she wasn't going to have any of it, so whatevs, then we kept going down the hall and met this way cool girl who was totally normal, met her the next day to give her a Kinha Mormonova and badabing, batabam, novy zejemca! but yeah oh I met this way cool kid who is a game designer.  Andrew I'll email you his clan name and screen name and you can friend him, he'll hook you up with some free stuff maybe.

oh we had this way good Russian soup i don't know exactly how to spell it in English but it's like borsht maybe oh man, soo good.

I bought a new pot for our apartment oh my gosh, non stick cook ware... it's probably the only stuff they have in the celestial kingdom.

umm,  hahah in my last English class there was this guy and he was just so funny but he was like arguing with us in our five minute spiritual thought about God. and anyways at the end i gave him this prayer card, (which teaches people how to pray) and i was like pray and you can know if God is there and some other stuff... and he's like "can i post this on facebook" ... "umm sure" ...."haha my friends are not going to believe that i was here."  later the other elders in my district are teaching him and he's all like "i posted your prayer card on facebook and everyone's all up in my grill, wanting to know what's going on. my girlfriend, parents and like 4 of my friends called asking if i was ok and if i was trying to get converted to a church and that i can't do that because they don't want me to convert them" hahaha so funny. anyways yeah i'm done

so yeah nothing else that exciting, i feel like there's some new cops and i think they've dispersed the bums somewhat so we'll see.  but yeah whenever we're waiting on the sidewalk for just a minute for a person to come, watching the bums and the coppers is so interesting, haha here the cops are more annoying than in America I feel like.  Like the cops in America at least have stuff to do sometimes, but here you will see a cop in like full body armour giving a ticket to like a jaywalker hahaha so lame haha that's why we don't jay walk. no seriously, i'm not kidding about that.
any way the church is true and the catholic church is definitely not true. just saying. like you guys should read like chapter 45 or 47 of "Jesus the Christ" called "the long night of apostasy" the catholic church is just freaking ridiculous like oh my heck anyway that'd probably be a good family home evening activity for today.

alright tchos


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