Monday, January 6, 2014

The Gang's All Here

hey before i forget, bryce are you leaving on your mission in a few days, you should email me your farewell talk, and also good luck on your mission and also what's your mission email?

umm this week... well, day 176 today! so hurray i guess, so in the czech republik everyone gets super drunk and has a lot of fireworks so it's pretty much a party! we weren't allowed outside after 5 in the evening, we watched remember the titans, finding nemo, andel pane, despicable me and we had how to train your dragon, but didn't watch it, the fireworks were nuts, the sky was just lit up from like 10:30 till 1:00 so cool.  and yup that's it umm then the next day we woke up  and in the morning i made waffles *insert voice of donkey (and for trevor and andrew i was just about to try  and make a programing joke about inserting donkey's voice, but i feel like i would've messed up the syntax so i didn't attempt it.)

and then this week has been pretty awesome, so about two weeks ago we were in the middle of contacting this woman and this guy just sticks his head into our conversation and is like "elders!" so then we just stay in our contact and he's like talking to the person he's with, i'm completely distracted, and elder hansen is trying to stay focused and then we both here the guy "see twenty years ago i was just like them in mexico" haha yeah elder hansen stops talking completely losing his train of thought, then this lady (who wasnt very interested) kinda is confused and so she's done talking to us we give her our card and then we go and talk to this mexican guy, (who's really from california, but still looks mexican) he's like, "hey elders! how are ya, it's so great to see you" then we proceed to talk about why he's here and who he is, he asks us about our mission and talks about how cool it is that this once communist country now has religion, anyway long story short he lives in italy now and his girlfriend who he was with is from olomouc, working in prauge, (not a member) so then we invite him to church, and he's said "yeah of course we'll come, and then afterwards we can pop a first discussion on this one" gesturing to his girlfriend "so that she knows what she's getting her self into if you know what i mean" haha he was funny, so yesterday they both show up to church he bore his testimony, it was great. then after we taught the girlfriend with him, and she was so cool!

and i'm out of time so end of story and bye


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