Monday, January 27, 2014


well that's an exciting week. umm yeah that's a lot of stuff that went down, Trevor getting engaged, and grandma passing away.  Are you pregnant Abbie?

anyway prayers to you. and i don't really have anything to say this week, sorry.

i guess i'll tell you about English class, so we had a debate and it was really fun, it was about gun rights... hahaha and everyone here hates guns... haha but yeah it was pretty intense, got kinda heated because the team that was against guns, two of their members were totally for guns. haha so there was a lot of team arguing, but it was good because the rule is, you can only speak in English. haha

my investigators are doing well.

yesterday i ran 2.5 miles, around 4K, to the train... in -10 degree weather, in a suit in 15 minutes.  right now i put on a pair of sunglasses whilst i said that. yeah.

and spiritual experience for the week: the keys weren't working to the Church building and we were standing there with an investigator well actually the door was jammed any way so he takes us to this play house, like a community theater that he works at and then we had an awesome lesson, he's a way cool guy and I'm pretty sure that it was because he was in his comfort zone in the backstage of the play house. because he's a solider so he probably wouldn't have been so open if we weren't there, and there is no reason for the door to be jammed, like the key wasn't turning even. anyway, yeah, God's up there looking out for us.

awesome job with getting engaged Trevor, And HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

And don't worry, Grandma is in a better place, I know that is super cliche to say but it's true. so be of good spirits.


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