Monday, February 10, 2014

God Knows i want to Break Free! I GOT TO BREAK FREE!!

Haha queen is playing in the internet cafe (post title) haha I'm not like wanting to come home.

umm this week, my companion had visa work in Prague so we went there for a night and stayed with the APs but that kinda killed our week so the new companion that i got went to Fremont,  so pretty close to us, like roy,  um he's pretty cool, he juts transferred from the other apartment in this city. so we jsut walk freaking i can't spell just gosh, ok we just walked his stuff over to my apartment then we had a pretty regular pday umm yup

on Saturday we chopped wood for 5 hours straight, well, we just stacked wood because we can't use power machines, like the wood splitter our branch president was using, but it reminded me of scout camp so much haha mostly because i was the only one working and every one else was pretending to do work, but doing like 1/4 as much as me, jsut are you serious. JUST like twelve year olds haha

so oh actually i was pretty sick the day before Prague i just slept through personal study and didn't get dressed until we left the apartment for the day at like one after lunch and calls

but i got better i think i just needed some negative degree weather to freeze it out of me.

I wanna know have you ever seen the rain.

man this place can't run out of old good music

well grandpa sounds funny living in the house

umm  k peace off have a good V-Day

oh actually umm lets see, cool experience of the week,  oh i totally yelled at this atheist in a lesson haha i was bearing testimony so hard hahah he was going to cry, he left the lesson believing in God and committed to read KM haha so whats up? testimony totes works to drive out the devil in people!


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