Monday, February 17, 2014

Ohanna means family, and family means no one gets left behind. Or forgotten.

sorry i forgot to write you guys this week, i had a lot of emails to write.  hey, if you haven't sent my box, can you an American flag tie? oh yeah, and also, Oskar you can use my long board as much as you want just try not to break it, and also it's ok if you do just have fun and be safe, but you can't ride it until you finish reading the book of mormon and summarize the whole story in your own words in a 5 page paper that you have to give to mom and me and trevor and jaynanne. so get started right now while there is snow so by the time the snow melts you can be free on the road with the wind in your face, and if you want to reduce speed wobble then tighten the bottom. you can probably look up how to exactly do it on youtube.  but sounds like you guys are having quite the thing with grand pa here all the locks are keys both ways, you you have to use a key to unlock and lock it on both sides of the door, so if you get one of those that'd probably be good.

but i hope you have a good week, funny story so  my new companion whose name i'm not going to give you cause you'd look him up on face book was looking at my family pictures points at jaynanne "dibs" "what you can't call dibs on my sister" "to late already did" haha so yeah umm well also my investigators are doing so well there's this girl who's just so awesome her parent's mostly her mom and grandma though are way against the church so when she goes home this weekend she will talk to her dad about it, like the church and stuff. but she's so cool i can't wait to see her join the church. she's literally the nicest person i've ever met. She was the first czech person i met and i've seen her grow so much in these 4 months and it's such a testimony builder for me! anyway have a good time.

also mom, i keep putting 2 pleats in my pants when i iron them what's the proper way, could you show me with pictures


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