Monday, February 3, 2014

Howdy y'all

so first of all i don't have much to say it was sorta an uneventful week, besides the transfer calls but yeah i'll tell you about my new companion next week. umm lets see
oh the phone call to you guys, that was pretty much my biggest event and i just started a new planner so i can't go through and read what i did this week. humm well haha since my companion was going home i got another full week of saying "this is your LAST email time" haha i just said that to him he put his hand up in my face hahah 

then what else, i read some crazy stories from the old testament. haha umm then i went on an exchange.

oh i met this malaysian girl haha yeah

umm that's about it. we had a story telling activity in english it was so fun, there's this lady class who is one of the top actresses in the czech republic and she was telling us stories ahah yeah it was fun.

and that's pretty much all i got. so have a good week 


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