Monday, February 24, 2014


hey everyone how are you, it's been quite a crazy week,

so on Tuesday, so well normal Tuesday, but in my English class i was asking everyone what their favorite thing in the Olympics was and everyone of the women were like, ice dancing... are you freaking serious hahaha that is the dumbest sport! oh my at least don't call it a sport and i'll be happy

so then on Wednesday we just had some lessons and stuff

but then on Thursday we had to wake up at 6 to go to Brno (1.5 hour bus ride) and then we had a training, sister McKonkie led it, and it was so good, she just talked about how we need to focus on the importance of church with people because you have all this time in the week and you have to think about all of this stuff all the time and then on Sunday you get to come and just focus your thoughts all on Jesus and it's the best time for inspiration. so then after that we rode back to Olomouc with the Lyons (1 hour car ride) then we had a lesson and then i got on a train (2.5 hours) to Prauge to do visa work

Friday i woke up at 6 with some of the Prague Elders to run with a member there and he is crazy! he's a pro rock climber and he seriously sprinted at full speed for 45 mins!  like i thought he wasn't being serious, i was keeping up with him for like 5 or 6 mins and we probably ran a mile and then i just fell so far behind with the other elders but seriously that guy was nuts.  But the run was sick, it was on this castle wall way high in the middle of Prague and when you'd go around you could see the whole city.  It was awesome. Then we did visa work.  It was really good no one in my group had problems. then i went back to Olomouc (2.5 via train.) and did normal missionary stuff for the rest of the day.

Saturday met with this way interesting investigator he has learned greek and hebrew and english fluently and is currently re-translating the bible.

Then we had church on Sunday and i was so fighting falling asleep in sacrament.  He was talking about missionary work. and mid speech when i was falling asleep almost (trying to look super interested because i''m a missionary and stuff) he, the guy speaking, asks me a question... (in czech) no idea what it was i just was so confused "jo" haha i was right "jo"(yo) means yes and he was asking if it's good to have members there at lessons haha so i was right but i had no idea what i was answering. haha.

Then today, this morning we had to go to the church building and help these construction guys haha czech construction smh. anyway ask me about that maybe, but i have to write my pres and stuff.

Spiritual thought of the week that you should all ponder about:  

When you need to decide something, pray about it, it really works. That's not just something that we hear annoying cliche stories about in Sunday school, but it actually works and it's super helpful, so try it.

hey p.s. ok jaynanne, see this, if you read the whole thing, it's quite long but i used this magical button above the right shift that's called "enter" it magically makes it so you can read it with out getting a headache lol. jk but seriously.

also. oskar, i'll let you use my turtle beach's until i get home if you do the book of mormon thing that i told you last week. but if you ruin those, unlike my long board you'll have to buy new ones.

ok, peace off. 

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